Global Flight Clarification

Just a quick clarification for people, as I’ve been reading some threads and people don’t seem to get this. So, from now on, remember:
Global Flight will most likely include most airports (maybe not every little dirt runway). They will put all the airports they have data for in the game. (Which is most).

Hopefully this cleared things up😉


The ones we have data for … so most likely not all of them.

ps: please keep such emphasis to a minimum.


Is this better?

Sorry about that.

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Well, you make it sound that you know all of this 100%. This is still highly speculative since we haven’t confirmed what exactly will be included in our version of “global flight”.

All you know for now is that we have made progress building a new terrain system that support flying over the whole earth, with a super realistic atmosphere/sky rendering.


So Philippe, would this version of global support supersonic jets, such as Concorde?


Which has been marked as planned since like 2011 or 2012 😜


Everything is “planned” … we are making a simulator afterall.


I think it was delayed because of it would sound better with Global Flight.


Interesting. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Do good work Philippe!

Our current version already support supersonic jets, we even have a few :)

Granted that you reach region border pretty quickly … but still it’s there, it is supported, it will remain supported.


Argentina airports and Aerolineas Argentinas liveries and I will definetly tattoo FDS in my back.

Can’t be happier, global flights is THE ONE thing i wanted after Live of course which is the best invention on earth after air conditioning


Are you saying current version of IF or current version of Global Flight? sorry.

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Oh sorry Philippe, I can’t read. ;)

I thought that you already had a few new ones supported for global flight.


If we only knew the list ;) jk


Will this new terrain system differ greatly aesthetically or should we expect similar terrain to that of now? Granted, some regions may differ than others (i.e. I wouldn’t expect a region in Moldova to be equivalent to that of SoCal…unless you guys have an elaborate plan up your sleeve).

Yeah, now I’m starting to feel stupid for creating this. Your 100% right @philippe! I don’t really know any of this for fact, I’m assuming like everyone else and assuming I’m right. Now that I think about it, I feel almost selfish or eregant. Could you close this?

I see better than Atmosphere rendering in Google Earth

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Okay so every airport on the planes Will come? Then we have to wait months bevore the update comes:( so don’t wait for the global flight just play IF and like it how it is now!

Do you have LFPG. In france