Global Flight by night could be possible.. (satellite scenery at night)

Satellite images at night would just wanted to fly at night everytime !

Image if as long the sky becomes darker, the daylight satellite view are transitioning from day to night by opacity thing it would be awesome !

Check night satellite view here :



I’ve always assumed that global would be day and night.


But the problem is that they would have to pay more for satellite imagery for night time. And like they said, satellite imagery is not cheap, so it’s gonna take a while for this to come.


We won’t have specific satellite imagery for night time. For now night will still be mediocre but we will work on this soon after the first global release.


Will there be taxiway lighting at least?


AT LEAST??? AT LEAST??? SERIOUSLY. no “at least”.


Why? It’s something else that all other mobile flights sims manage to have. 🙂

I won’t even start to say want IF misses that other sims have… 😉


They don’t have global coming.

It’s not that great IMO - I don’t have time to sit at a phone or tablet for 8 hours on end. 😕

If I wanted to do that I would go desktop.

Yes, but you can fly shorter routes that aren’t restricted in regions.

IF needs to work on the basics, then add more content. It looks like atm they are working on quantity, not quality.

So this is quantity, and not quality? OK!


Image doesn’t seem to be loading 😕


The water is pretty good. Still, the aircraft doesn’t have live displays, no callouts etc.

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Global scenery looks pretty good so far. It is more clear, colorful, and it feels more

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Love how you are dissing Infinite Flight on a infinite flight forum.


Not really, just pointing out the negatives as well as the positives, seeing as many people are blind to the negatives.

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Everything you ask for will come with time. Just be patient. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”


Obviously this is just one of the many things being worked on in the new global update… These things take time, and in terms of update size, this will be a big one.

Live displays? Sure, they’d be nice, but I honestly see little use for them at the moment when flying on a phone or tablet from my experience with global so far.

Callouts? Better check again - altitude callouts are available in jet aircraft that support them. More callouts are supported via epaga’s fantastic In-Flight Assistant app (something built with the Connect API which is also bringing new features to open Infinite Flight up to more developers).


That’s what I have X-Plane for. But I actually rather enjoy the community and the progress of this simulation app and it already does a lot considering it has to cater to mobile devices. I believe in what it’s setting out to do so thus I support it as it is and for what the future holds.

Callouts already exist, so there’s that. Live displays? Why? I don’t see the point when on a mobile device. The current display methods do a great job, again, considering the mobile platform.

Still, a sim shouldn’t require a third party app to have callouts.

It shows that it would be easily for the dev team to add callouts in app, as a third party has 🙂