Global Flight Around The World

Anyone else complete around the world flight? Over a couple weeks I left Vancouver BC and currently in Tibet. Highlite stops in Greenland, Iceland, London, Geneva, Rome, Greece, Cairo/Pyramids, Bagdad, Tibet/Mt Everest…


I did a flight around the world in a cirrus!
Check this out!

It took me more than 100 hours over 24 days it was really awesome! I would delete recommende it. Although watch out for the fuel!! ⛽️


I have been working on a C172 around the world


I believe Im the only one to have reported to complete an around the world without landing (without cheating “read using a glitch”) 45hr 53min. In the KC10

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Doesn’t count if you used a glitch, surely? Haha

Why didn’t you just use the KC10 and refuel on the way?

Cool flight path you have there!

I didnt cheat I used the KC10. The only other person to report flying around the world non stop used a workaround to fly the A388 for 45 hrs.

Completed a round the world trip over Christmas and New Year. However was done in 8 different legs using the MD-11F over aboout 10 days.


Based this flight on the Lufthansa Cargo Flight that followed the same route:

it was watching this film several years ago which reignitated my passion in aviation, especially with air freight so when the DC19/MD11 was released by FDS I was very happy that I could mirror this flight!

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I am attempting to circumnavigate in a Cessna 172. It doesn’t look like it is possible, but it is still fun to try. If I use a Cessna 208 at the end, I might be able to make it. Started in Sydney; working my way west.

You should be ok until you try and get back to Sydney without some double backing on some of your route at least!

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Thanks. I have plenty of time to plan, as well.

I think I was the first to do the global flight 'round the world. My main goal was to not go below the equator. I was very close.


Started this flight a couple of days after global released.

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I’ve never done it before. I don’t have that much time on my hands 😕

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That’s a great route. I’ll have to try it after I am done with this one. Thanks.

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