Global Flight and VA's

If global flight was implemented, how would this affect your VA?


Made transatlantic flights…


and another routes? @BavariaAVIATION


I would love to fly between JFK and LAX, mainly since I live right near JFK and LaGuardia

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Same here, but closer to KFRG. Would love to fly up to Buffalo in a C750 (can’t be bothered with longer routes).

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@hmkane? How bout Paradisair?

This would be amazing to Qantas Virtual. Where to start:

+ Create more schedule flights for our international side

+ Establish new airlines connected to Qantas

+ Popularity in the virtual airline

+ Create more domestic flights for our regionals

If you thought of any ways it could have a bad affect, please comment :). It would be a great feature for our Virtual Airline anyway.

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We’d do long haul flights too.


it depends how the Global flight is implemented!

If you can fly to any location on the map then yes we would add more and longer routes to our schedules. Suspect would have more Long/Short haul (ie 2-4hrs) rather than Mid (6-8) Long (8-12) or even Ultra Long Haul (12hr +) flights in the system, though will have some of those added too.

If the global flight is implemented so that it acts as a link between the current regions only then this will have less of an effect on the schedules, but will change how we fly and report them. We already have inter-region flights, however these are done as two separate flights within Infinite Flight, 1st in the region you take off from and second on the region that you arrive in.

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Just so you know, if/when global flight is implemented, I will probably join an American Airlines VA and fly mainly out of JFK.

There are many va’s than just American Airlines VA.

I know but I have more aircraft with American Airlines liveries

that’s a good enough reason! :)

Also the fact that I just love American!

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If Global Flight is ever coming out (I mean it’s not been confirmed!) I will connect the main class bravo hubs in each reagion with some other bravo hubs in other regions.

And some short - medium haul routes to and from some charlie airports such as KFLL - TAPA, KPDX - KSAN, PHTO - KONT.

That’s my plan. And yes, just in case global flight is released some day I’m prepared. Almost finished.

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What does “VA” mean?

Virtual Airline


We don’t have JFK in our route map, CEO.

Oops… Sorry 😂😂😂

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I could use the dash to go from hhr to oak and pdx.