Global Flight: Airport Completion Progress

I think KSAN needs some re-doing there are some wierd marks on the side of the runway, I would do it myself but I’m not skilled enough to code ;(

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Well done :)

I believe it’s not about coding it. It’s a program that is potentially not too hard to learn contact the airport editing team if you want

Its not coding, its just about drawing and creating appropriate objects that benifit the airport! :)

And By the way, SKCG is almost completed, I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. :)

Where is the link to the imgur.

@Delta_Virtual you might be Interested in SKCG as Delta Airlines does fly there with a B738.

We know. :). By the time GF comes out we will have 40+ pilots, all routes will be considerd with that large of a workforce.

Awesome! I’ll just make this airport realistic as it gets for a very realistic DAL service!

Well, since your interested, once it’s done I’ll show you the final product!

Thank you.

Ah, now I get it! Thank you for explaining

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777 fan gates 10a 10b and 11a and 11b are cargo

Finished my hometown airport of MMLO (BJX) in Mexico

Guys can you add this airport?

All airports are added.

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I was checking on LiveFlight app, and this one is not added.

LiveFlight doesn’t show certain airports, it’s added. Don’t worry :)


Lol, just checked this old thread and went back to see if the airport was in IF still isn’t tho.

Is there any updates coming soon with the Airport Editing Team?

Hi @Geovanny_Octavio,

no matter how old the thread is you are using to request an airport to be edited. It won‘t happen until you do it yourself!
How to do it yourself is well described in this Thread.

Note to mods, original topic of thread is obsolete because we track activity here and in some specific Project threads. Please close to avoid further abuse.

Thanks, Tom

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