Global Flight: Airport Completion Progress

Hey guys so I know everyone as am I eager to see what airports are completed and by who so we can give them credit for doing so.

I realise this information is availible on:

But this doesn’t provide information of new airports added and by who. So if you finish and airport drop your name and the airport you just finished down here :)


so add a airport diagram and write your name and airport name down


I’m reworking it after Birmingham ;)

What about PANC or any Alaska based airports

it DOES provide a list of what has been added. Anything with a ? at the end of the link is not yet added. It is sorted by ICAO

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I’m doing Skiathos, still in the reworks as I am having issues. :)


I realise but you should have a list like “Newly Added”

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I looked and didn’t see no Alaska based airports

Why isn’t KXNA on the list, didn’t someone develop it already?

If it’s not there it’s not completed :)

Ok, I cant personally do not have a computer suitable for developing. Could another dev be assigned to develop KXNA?

Take a look at our issue tracker where everything is sorted (this link is set to show closed issue, where the airports have been complete):

You can also filter by those that are being redone now:

So this mess of code is what I wanted.

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All the KX airports will be shown here
There is a lot of work going into this. Once drawn, the airport is checked for quality by @Henrik and his team. I then check the gates for accuracy. It is then classified as ‘CATALOGED’

I also have an Access database where I sort all this stuff out as in GIT it is only a text based search with no ability to validate against duplicates

The final piece of the puzzle is that my website is where I list everything which has been fully done

Thank you @Kilt_McHaggis

Here is a list of all the fields I have done since the last update (goes from minor fix to full rework).


You can check mine here. It includes what I’m working on and what’s been done :)

That’s no mess of code! It’s art!


Good work you guys are killing it.