Global Flight Advanced Selection

A feature where you can choose where to fly from like this:


Country: (ex: United States)

State: (ex: California)

Region: (ex: SoCal)

Airport (ex: KLAX)

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Sounds far too long winded to me. Also, can you tell me (without searching) which UK county Heathrow is in? I would prefer ICAO/Name searching.

England xD

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Heathrow is in London as London City Airport is.

Eh. I’d like it to be easy. Preferably


Not all countries have states for example but all cou tries have cities and are in continents


But what I mean is that US would be an exception

Some Countries have Counties like Ireland and other Countries have cities and states

We would just need an A - Z searching list with cities. I mean, who doesn’t know where he’s flying from/to?


Yeah good idea

But guess what? There’s a town called London in the US

Sorry for making this an argument about where Heathrow is…

The point I’m trying to make is doing it by states, some people from other countries might have no idea what their airport of choosing is. I think searching would be so much quicker.

Then you could easily add London (UK) and London (USA), couldn’t you?
It’s getting tricky though when there are two cities with identic names within one country.

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I know, just saying. I believe it’s in Tennessee

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Some people wouldn’t know the state/city etc.

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Definitely or By the name of the airport itself.

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Ex: Miami(FH) and Miami(OH)

Why don’t you just type the ICAO code?

This idea could be good since it narrows down to country/city(Just like the FSX format)


I think you guys are jumping the gun a bit ;)