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Some of you might have seen my post from earlier:

So, in light of the boredom floating around the community, I’m here to change things around with this topic.

Just so you know, this topic is going to be HUGE (content wise)

First off,

This is the first post (that I could find) from Laura’s Instagram regarding Global:

In the caption, she stated that she had just finished her first Trans-Atlantic flight. This post was over 17 weeks ago. If she could complete a Trans-Atlantic flight successfully months ago… what stage could Global be at now?! The C-130 update only stopped Laura and the modelers from focussing on Global, but there was still a whole team of developers working on it. If a whole team of devs were working five days a week for a few months, imagine the amount of progress the could make! Two photos from the same flight (I’m assuming) were posted quite close to each other, so instead of creating another paragraph, I’ll just add it here.

This is Laura’s next post regarding Global:

In the caption, she stated that the issue with the LNAV had been fixed and she was now back in business. We now know that LNAV was successfully working 17 weeks ago. If Laura could fly across the Atlantic and use LNAV 17 weeks ago… boy, Global must be nearly done by the end of the year!

The next post is harder to understand, but you can see lines of code regarding Time Span and Date and Time factors. It’s clear that FDS were adding time zones for Global over 16 weeks ago.

Now we reach a different part of the world. Flying across the USA. Both pictures below are from the same flight, one is just from when she started. Remember, these Instagram posts are still from 16 weeks ago. Once again, it’s crazy how much progress must have been made since these photos were posted.

I’m not going to bother uploading this next photo as it is just a picture of the map view that we can currently use in IF today. In the caption Laura tells us that while working on Global, she will be flying around the world testing and implementing things. We’ve all heard how she’s been in North Korea and Tokyo and whatnot. Laura’s basically just informing us that we can expect pictures from her journeys in the future.

This next picture of Laura’s journeys is awesome! In the caption she says that it’s her first equatorial crossing in Infinite Flight. This picture was posted 16 weeks ago!

This is one of my favourite photos that Laura has posted. Just look how many airports there are! This looks like the region of Asia as you can see an outline of the continent and the different ICAO codes relating to Middle East airports, Chinese airports etc. The main subject of this post was that Laura was testing curved flight paths. Not much scenery going on there ;)

This photo is from 14 weeks ago, when Laura completed her flight from Pyongyang to Tokyo. Everyone knows about this, so there’s not much to explain.

In these photos, we get our first glimpse of the Time Zone feature that FDS were working on earlier (in that picture I showed you.) This was still 14 weeks ago, and look how much they have completed!

Another photo to do with the code of Infinite Flight, but this is way easier to understand. In the caption, Laura tells us that she doesn’t need that (Regions) any more. This photo is from 13 weeks ago.

In this next photo, we see the new map design fully working. The continents are fully outlined and you can see how flush the route is around the Earth. Laura states in her caption that she is testing an around the world flight (36 hrs) and that she is using a time multiplier feature to speed up the flight, although she said that it is only a debug feature at the moment, with a slight possibility of being implemented fully. Two new features (sort of) in one post!

The photo below is the current scenery in Global (as of 9 weeks ago). I’m guessing part of it is because of most of the airports made by the IFAE are not implemented in Global at the moment and because the scenery hasn’t been modelled for most of the world yet. I could be wrong on this, I’m just guessing.

We could possibly expect a design like this when Global comes out, but I think this is just Laura hinting that Global is coming soon as there are worldwide flights on the screens and she captions “Soon in Infinite Flight…”

As of December 16th (Australia,) this is Laura’s most recent post. She simply states that she is now 100% back to working on Global. Philippe has already told us that there are NO clouds coming with Global. What we do know is that the floating point bug (where your aircraft slides along the ground after a reasonably long flight) will be fixed along with Global.

Laura’s on her way to Dallas!

Literally, the second I added the picture above, Laura posted this one. Looks like she crashed because she didn’t set enough fuel. HINT HINT fuel burn :)

The amazing scenery to expect from Global! Is it just me or does the C-130 render differently in this picture?!


Laura tells us that she is flying to Phoenix (on a very windy day) and that fuel burn and engine on/off provides such a different experience.


Here, we’re given an insight into the way LNAV will work. It looks like it will be together with APPR, except is that just the mobile version?


In this picture, Laura states that she is working on weather data for Global Flight. Nothing that exciting for most people, but any update on Global is exciting!


In the caption, Laura tells us that she wanted to show all of us Global, but it was too foggy, followed by a winking emoji. Judging by the emoji, I presume that this was intentional. The fog does look different actually!


Laura simply says, “I’m trolling Airbus.” It’s pretty apparent from the airports around her plane (a 787) that she is at Toulouse, which is Airbus’s home.


In this post Laura tells us that she is flying to Keys West. I have to say, the new map does look very nice!


This post, just from a few hours ago, shows Laura’s flight path from Miami to Andoya! In the background, you can sort of see a sunrise. Looks different for me, how 'bout you?


Any new pictures that Laura posts on her Instagram page will go on here. I am also considering making a video to explain all of this. No promises yet ;) Please tell me what you like or don’t like!

Thank you for reading through this HUGE topic. I hope I could help people without access to Instagram or who wanted to see everything Global in one place.

All the best,

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@Mr_ATC @kevirtual Not really… I searched. The evolution of global flight topic is just a mess of random comments, so I decided to put everything off Laura’s Instagram on the Community in one place so people who don’t have Instagram can easily view it, and to bring some more hype to the community. Global is huge! It took me over two hours to get everything together for this topic and about 30 mins to write it… so far, so I don’t really want it to be closed just yet.


Your intentions to share the Instagram content with users that don’t have access to it is phenomenal. With all of the previous global speculation I would prepare for the good possibility of a thread closure. Otherwise this is all a great assortment of info.


So basically, this is a Tracking thread for Global Flight? I guess it could work, and is set up very organized, but if it is a thread used to track and post every time something knew about Global comes out, perhaps a better title would be “What we know about Global so far” or something along the lines of that. I think that would catch the community’s eye a little more. ;)


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@Flightfan84 @Tristin_Woolf Thanks for the kind words. I’ll do some changes to the topic now ;)


I could do what I’m best at - video editing, and compile everything in a video.


I’m assuming terrain stuff, of course airports, and wind are being worked on. I just wish we were able to see more pictures regarding weather/features/and terrain


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This is great! It’s like a timeline, and everything’s in one place! :)


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This si one of the best topics I have seen in awhile clean cut and useful and informative great job.


This is awesome. This really does make me wonder what stage global is at now…


3 hours and I’m not done yet :) If I can do something to help others when I have a day free with nothing to do, then I’ll do it!!


@g100m @S_Olejniczak Thank you for your enthusiasm! It took a lot of work and I’m glad you like it!


I can’t wait for global to come out… just so we can stop with all these posts and threads about global.


This is exciting! Good summary. Don’t forget the floating point fix.