Global Events

With Global coming up in the near future, I’m wondering if the forum events section will change to have a separate category for long haul events, or some other change? I’m not sure if this has been talked about yet but I’m just curious.


Highly doubt anything is in need of a change. The events don’t need separate categories for long/short haul. But, who knows?

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We’ll I’m frankly not even sure what would change. It certainly doesn’t mean long and short haul in different categories. As you said who knows? I’m asking the community.

I don’t think it will change but we could probably expect a large increase in events, both official and non-official.


Dumb question here. What are Non-official flights? Like group flights

Flights/events that aren’t planned by a member of FDS

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We’ll take a closer look once Global is released and see how things develops in here. Maybe it will be needed, maybe not. :)