Global Escort Request for Training Server


Please follow this format while requesting a escort on training server

•Near what airport

Please don’t tell me it’s a duplicate


This is just to prevent problems with people of you escorting them without permission etc.

Because it can be a hassle finding someone and contacting them when sometimes they can’t reply and so fourth

You should change the title to Global Escort Request for Training Server

Thanks and what do you think about it?

It’s a good thread, I do not think it’s a duplicate but I could be wrong

Thanks and I want to be like @Thomas_G

As far as growing and also to let people have the opportunity to choose if they want to be escorted which doesn’t make problems

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What is it for?

I want to escort someone, shall i use this topic?
I want to have an escort, shall i use this topic?

Which one? Or both?

I guess you have the ability to request an escort here. So if you would like to have an escort, ask here.


Correct and love your name

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Well @CK777 it can be used for both

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I got a topic like this in my mind but you were first 😉.

I am going to be first example.

EGLL, i will be at gate 225
Turkish 007, Turkish Airlines B739
I will wait for reply before entering the game because i cannot control both game and forum. After reply, i will enter the game.

I will depart to EHAM, no matter for altitude or speed or route. I prefer M.77, FL290.

Great example and whoever can escort because this is a way of permission

Is this from my forum’s problem?

Not blaming you but like @Darpan said some people get angry that you escort without permission

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But was this forum idea from my post.
I’m just wondering

Yup but please don’t feel I’m criticizing

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No I’m just wondering lol.
Never knew a simple escort could cause this

Nice idea tho.
Might try to use it

In my opinion, this topic can turn into sudden group flights topic. Its like hey i am departing now come and follow me!

First try is unsuccessful, i am departed :(

Now i am starting 2nd try. I need an escort and i will be at EGLL 225. I will depart to EHAM. My callsign is Turkish 007 and i will have a B739. TS and now.