Global Dynamic Wind Indication Map

Today I was looking for an airport with high winds so that I could earn lots of XP.

I was using this interactive map to find windy places that I could fly and then I thought that it would be useful to have the new globe but with wind indications like this:


This way it would be easy to work out where to fly if you want winds, and where to not fly if you do not want winds!

So something like in the app I like it!


When flying with global you need a FPL and all that so what’s wrong with using or something long with simbrief or whatever you use? You will still need to do some planning either way.

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@Chatta290 In the future we may be able to file FPL before spawning in which would be nice.

The map on is kinda slow and a bit glitchy so I think it would slow down Infinite Flight a lot.

That’s cool!