Global Checklist

I modified this checklist for use with Global. Feel free use.

If there are any mistakes please comment below.


You’re not going to be starting the engine prior to push. Not sure about the brakes set on landing either. Other then that looks good.


Okay thanks. I will edit them later and reupload a Version 2

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Good work looks amazing think il use it on my long haul later

Landing lights are usually turned off and back on when passing through 10,000 feet


By the way, you have a typo - it’s “Clearance” not “Clearence”. Also, aren’t they meant to be past tense (engaged not engage)? Apart from that, great job!


Adding to that, you misspelt ‘confirmed’ on the first line!

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omg thank you so much!

Thanks! Just what I needed! As @Brandon_Sandstrom said, there are some small mistakes here and there :)

Thanks for all the corrections, will edit and reupload later.

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Draft for my version


You can start pushback before turning engines on

Can, but not common procedure

Like flashing them, or they’re off above 10000?

Once you get above 10,000ft you turn them off, once you get below again you switch them back on

Actually, I find that the pilots pushback while turning one engine on…


Thank you very much man, i was looking for a checklist for a long and here it is. Great job!

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Is their like a proper check list for IF and realistic. This will add a lot of realism

Yeah I might put it like that

Not an ‘official’ one, but this one seems quite good!