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With the upcoming release of Global, many pilots have created flight plans that provide unique flying experiences. It made me think, what if I planned out a realistic charter flight? To start, I needed a route that would be popular with holiday vacationers, including myself. It was also important that the origin airport be one actually served by the chosen airline. There were so many options, too many to count at first. I needed to narrow the parameters. As someone who traces their heritage to Norway, I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights from above the Arctic Circle. Being that I also have family with ties to Russia, the details began to fall into place. I enjoy flying the A319, so I decided my charter flight would be on S7 Airlines from St. Petersburg, Russia (ULLI) to Tromsø, Norway (ENTC), a famed viewing point for the Northern Lights. Dubbed “Arctic Express”, the 760 mile flight will depart historic St. Petersburg, cross Finland and northern Sweden, then finally make the beautiful approach into Tromsø. I can’t wait to see the high-resolution Global scenery while flying. If creating a charter flight sounds like something you’d like to do, try choosing a destination you have a personal interest in visiting. Where would you go? What airline and aircraft would take your passengers there? (Photo Credit: Björn Strey)


Very similar to this

But I like the Concept, nicely thought out :).


I don’t know if I would like to see a campaign mode in IF. But it is an interesting idea

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There is a great charter flight (used to be), flown by ANZ, down to Antarctica, unfortunately, the crash, NZ901 helped stop those flights.

Air Tahiti Nui - SYD-LAX-SXM

nice charter flight.

@MaksimFerguson Someone has already pointed this out. No need to again.

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And So he has, thanks!! :)

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this is a great idea don’t get me wrong, but unless a mode of this was added in infinite flight, this will be something that not everyone will do. some people (even me) will discover popular routes of other airlines and just attempt those meaning that the current airline that is being used for the stuff that you have said, will stop. imho I might do this but occasionally and to make this better, a mode in infinite flight for this would be great. just pointing it out there /o/

Keep in mind that you will be flying above 60 deegrees latitude, and so there will be no terrain available :)

I like the idea though. I might try some of this in global. There is so much to so in global. So many places to go…

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Yes i cant wait to finally fly the long haul flights. The thing that I am going to worry about is the Flight from Boston or New York to Los Angeles. This is one of the most popular routes and i don’t know if I should us a big plane like a 777-200 or if i should use something smaller like the 737-800. Tell me what you think.

Probably the 737-800 as its only a couple of hours. the 777-200 is used for long routes like Singapore to Frankfurt or something

More like 4-5 hours.

Yes, but not only. It is also used on shorter routes frequently.

4 - 5 hours isn’t a long time. an a320 from Australia to Indonesia is used on some flights and is used with an a320. (that’s 6 hours +

I guess they would want a realistic flight and theres a lot of American charters in the 737. but I get what you mean

Yes I know. However, especially in North America, many wide bodies are used in domestic/short-medium haul routes. Go to FR24 and you’ll see many 777s, 767s, 787s, A330s, etc.
IT wouldn’t be unrealistic at all.

I don’t live in America nor ever been there so I wouldn’t know but that’s a lot of wide bodies. high demand?

Now I can’t answer that. I don’t know if anyone smarter than me in this forum knows the answer to this, but if there isn’t such a person, ask Google :)

Emirates has an all 777/a380 fleet and they fly to Amman, Kuwait, Mumbai, etc.

thats because of there fleet.

Thank you for getting back to me on that I will definitely take that in

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