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GIVING CARGO A VOICE | ifvarbapproved_GCA

The Global Cargo Alliance (GCA) was established in July of 2021 by UPS Virtual. Now with a growing number of members, our mission is simple - we aim to bring more awareness, exposure and excitement to the cargo portion of Infinite Flight. What can you expect from this alliance? Events, group flights, coordination of cargo activities all in an effort to continue to grow the demand for more cargo VA’s, cargo aircraft and liveries within the Infinite Flight platform. We work as one unified team here with each virtual airline having a say in how we continue to grow our alliance and our unified goals.

We are proud to be the first ever cargo virtual alliance and look forward to inspiring others to join the world of cargo and explore the many different parts of the world that our operations can take you. From small airports in the most well known places, to larger airports in the least known places, there is an adventure for everyone.

GCA is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees all decision making in the best interest of the alliance. Each virtual airline is given two representative spots within GCA and must select one to be their BoD representative. The BoD team will be the individuals who vote on matters pertaining to the alliance and it’s direction, goals and overall operations.

GCA Administrators
GCA Board of Directors

GCA is proudly made up of virtual airlines from all over the world who feature cargo operations within their VA. Our current roster of members was carefully and strategically selected and can be found below.

GCA Virtual Alliance Members

We are the definitive voice for cargo operations within Infinite Flight. Want to join our team and mission? Our basic requirements are below.

1.) Be an IFVARB approved virtual airline.
2.) Acceptance to this alliance requires a VA to operate a cargo section within their operations.
3.) Want to improve the cargo section of Infinite Flight.

Should you wish to join GCA, please send us a message via our account here on the IFC and a representative will contact you regarding acceptance.

*Global Cargo Alliance is a simulated, fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight community and in no way represents the actions, opinions, or ideas of any real-world airline.

Glad to have the newest members on board right before the New Year.

@DHLExpressVirtual and @TurkiyeVirtual, welcome to the alliance!


We are proud to be part of the @GlobalCargoAlliance, and be apart of future collaborations with the alliance.

Head of External Affairs | Turkish Virtual


This is beautifully done

It’s time cargo become a big part of infinite flight


We’re glad to be apart of this alliance and look forward to having an amazing time with you!

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DHL Express Virtual
Chief Executive Officer


Very nice!! You can count on me.

A new cargo airline is on the way, just preparing some things berfore sending for the verification. Might need help for some simple photoshop things (banner and logo etc), if anyone can help I would appreciate a lot!

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Shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can lend a hand with!

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Super stoked to see activity within this organization again.


Always active behind the scenes :)


I don’t see FedEx there!!

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Nope. You don’t.

Glad to hear it. Super excited for you guys.

Any reason why

Looking forward to seeing where our partnership takes us!

Great to hear! Once you are certified, do let us know if you are still interested in joining.

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We are so stoked to announce our first external IFC event at Hong Kong International. Looking forward to seeing all our partners and cargo lovers there!

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Hello, I personally think you should move that conversation to PM’s so we can keep this thread on-topic.


There’s no conversation when the question is not answered

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