Global Career Mode

So I have a very cool, and realistic thing I’m gonna do once Global releases…

Global Flight is right around the corner, and once it comes, I’m going to start my own “Career Mode” in the A318ACJ.

What is the “Career Mode” Challenge?

Basically, you start a flight and fly somewhere. Then you end your flight. The next flight you start, it MUST be from the same spot you ended your last flight at. So for example, if you do a flight from KBOS - KMIA, your next flight has to be KMIA - ?.

Now, you can start in any aircraft you want, but you HAVE to stick to that one aircraft AND livery throughout your career. I personally am starting with the A318ACJ to simulate being a real life private / corporate pilot, exploring the world.

Also, I am starting at the airport that I will be directly next to for the next 3 years. I’m going to Vaughn College in NYC, that is right next to LaGuardia, and it’s the perfect place for business / corporate jets to come to. I won’t fly into major airports at times, since I want to be realistic, and not disturb heavy traffic at major airports such as LAX and JFK. However, if you’re starting a career with a 757 to simulate being a real life commercial pilot, then the major airports would suit you well. (I’d suggest you do real life routes if you’re simulating being a Delta pilot for example.)

Starting a career mode doesn’t mean that this is the only flying you can do. For me, it’s gonna be my personal little thing. The A318ACJ is my dream aircraft to fly, and if I had it in real life, I can only imagine the places I’d go. If I want to fly the A320 or something, that won’t be part of my career mode, and I’ll fly it wherever and whenever I like.

So, who wants to take part, and thinks they can stay dedicated to this?


This would be really cool to implement in VA software if that is ever introduced. Love the idea.


I really like this and have tried it throughout testing… it’s fun and keeps things diverse.

Using FlightRadar24 you can find your next hop. Fly into LGA with an ERJ, off to Boston in the 737, transatlantic into London with 777… the routes are endless with this method! 🙂

Great post!


phpVMS, VAM and also it’s easy to whip up a script to do this in 30 mins.

When I’m not flying for my VA or GA, I’ll be simulating the life of an Executive pilot based out of EGTK airport. I will fly in the A318 ACJ livery 1 and CCX


I know of one VA that has a system ready for global. :)

But I might actually do this as well, but I will start my career at either Oxford flight school or at the New Zealand (can’t remember the airport) flying GA aircraft and move up and go into corporate (with a318 or B737). Will be a lot of fun.


EGTK Oxford has been edited by me it’s my home town, it’s one of the biggest FBOs for traffic going into London that isn’t allowed in EGLC


That’s it, I should of known as I live relatively close to Oxford.


Maybe you could start in like a smaller aircraft like a C208 or SR22 and work your way up the more flight hours you get. That would be pretty cool IMO


Which VA is that? I’m interested.

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which one is what?

don’t really know what you’re pointing at

Anyways I would love to fly with you doing this!

Which Virtual Airline are you referring to?

check my bio

Can’t really say publicly due to the people on the IFC that get annoyed at anything


I looked on the website and did not see anything related to global or the system you mentioned.

@UpgradeMe and @J9J9T… it’s best you take this discussion to DM as it’s not relevant to the topic itself. :)


This is my plan! Im so glad that you are making it a challenge!

Im going to be doing it in a different way though.

Im simulating it like I am a GA Pilot, Norwegian Pilot, and any other airline. But lets say I fly from CDG-DUB in a CCX and then DUB-PVD in a Norwegian B737, PVD-MCO in a Frontier Livery, to MCO-ISP in a southwest livery. So on so on!

Best of luck to everyone on this challenge!


It’s a cool idea… But honestly, Only flying 1 plane around all the time doesn’t sound very fun unless you are truly committed to being realilistc.

I might start one of these at some point. But I won’t always be do, I would do random flights most of the time and then continue the career every 3-4 flights.


EGTK-KTEB-KVNY will be one of my first flights in the a318j


@PlaneCrazy I know, I’m doing the same thing. I said this.


What are you going to Vaughn for?

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