Global being a fire hazard?

I was thinking about global and people doing really long flights, I thought what about if your phone gets really hot and causes a fire. Is there a way to turn your phone of mid flight?

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I laughed when I first read your topic. You have a point, but I don’t see why your device would get hot enough to start a fire. It would really have to be working hard if that happened, not simply flying in IF. Not too likely to occur.


Well if your phone is on for say 7 hours it will get really hot.

I think it depends on the brand and the OS. Guys using iPhones and iPads(like me) wouldn’t experience such a bizzare occurrence.
Another thing is to close apps when using Infinite flight and to reduce the screen’s brightness. This reduces power consumption and prevents the phone from ‘overheating’.

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Use some ice and put your phone on it.


I don’t think that the phones should overheat and catch fire. In the settings, there is an RPM limiter. That should help once global comes out.

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Here you go, this may help


If your phone gets too hot, it will turn off. Have you ever left it in the sun for some time?

This topic is just… next level. LOL


With LNAV being introuced, you’re alowed to multi task while using global or sleep through your flight, with devices with high memory capacity this shouldn’t be a problem, but with low end devices you’re best option probably is to reduce the frame rate and lower your graphics settings, this can push the device to its limits and cause overheating, thank you!



Most devices have a fallback and a bit of a heat guard. Apple will warn you if your device is overheating and then turn off.


Erm, you still won’t be able to multitask, that’s a built in thing to IOS if your not on an app for a short period of time it will disconnect you until you return to the app, hence we have the problem of unknowns and planes just randomly turning up on final.

As for phones catching fire, before you buy global you have to have a fire extinguisher at hand and ready to go.