Global Aviators - Project Public

Introducing IFGA Public Demo

We are making this demo version available to everyone, requirement free!
Making Global Aviators accessible to everyone is our mission, and it starts with this project.

Once you’ve joined the server, you’ll automatically receive the IFGA Project Public roles, here is what you can expect.

The channels you will currently have access to are designed to give you an insight into a minority of what IFGA has to offer. As this is open to the public, we have selected a few channels you will be able use:

  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Event Chat


Please note that event-chat channel will be unlocked to you during our discovery events.

The discovery events are separate to our normal events and are sometimes shorter, but with more exotic, scenic routes. When these are hosted, you are welcome to join alongside our IFGA members but we ask that you do not use our callsign until you are an approved pilot and in our server fully.

Approved - Certified Pilot

Once you have met all requirements to join IFGA, and once you feel ready, you can undergo our exams and training process. This will give you full access to the whole server and you can join our other members in their conversations and flights across the globe.

You can request to start your training by opening a ticket in support and giving us a brief explanation.

Server Features

There are a few other read-only channels you have access to, such as rules, information and training-info. These contain everything you need to know before joining our main server.

Help & Support

If at any time you have any questions or need help with something, please open a ticket in support and one of our Administration Team will respond as soon as they can.

Until then… Have fun!

These channels will be moderated by staff. If there is inadequate behaviour towards other members, you may be removed from the server.

You may want to learn more about us, and we have all that information in one place!
Feel free to watch our latest Introduction Keynote Event streamed live on YouTube, explaining how we work, our team, the trainee’s process and so much more!

If you have what it takes, it’ll be easier than ever to apply and get accepted into IFGA and skip our public demo!

General Requirements:

​- Must have a valid Infinite Flight Live Subscription

  • Must have a active IFC account
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be 14+ years old
  • Must respect and follow IFGA rules at all times

In-game Requirements:

  • Grade 3+
  • 150K XP
  • 150 landings
  • Level 3 Violations: 2
  • Level 2 Violations: 3
  • No more than 1:2 Level 1 Violations to landing ratio
    ​- 200+ Flight Hours

Meet our requirements? Apply here.

Start your journey with us today, join now!

Join Public Demo | IFC Thread | Website


Our Public Demo is still open, join now!

Join Public Demo | IFC Thread | Website

Project Public is still running!

Join Public Demo | IFC Thread | Website

Recruiting all pilots, application free!

Join here

We now have our weekly photo competitions back in style, integrated with our Public Demo!

Apply today or join our Public Demo today to take part!

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