Global Aviators | One Family, One Globe | Official 2023 Thread

Looking forward to continue IFGA’s legacy and to bring us back on the top of the IFC🙌🏽


Presenting our Event Highlights from our 2 Events last weekend!

📸 Taken by @Anshul28

IFGA Main Event (Saturday)

Route | LSZH - EGLC
Aircraft & Airline | Airbus A220-300 - Swiss

IFGA Discoveries (Sunday)

Route | KMIA - MHTG
Aircraft & Airline | Boeing 757-200 - American (Old)

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Introducing IFGA‘s 2023 Summer logo!

IFGA 23‘ - New Era, New Colors


I’m looking to join y’all after summer when I resub

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Say if I were to join what are the flights I can do? Can I do like any flight I want?

Looking forward to welcome you!💙

Yes! You can file any flights done🙌🏼

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Now I’m interested

Then make sure to apply!🙌🏼

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Just did it!

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Presenting our Weekly Weekend Event Highlights !

📸 Taken by @ykaviation

IFGA Classics (Friday)

Aircraft & Airline | Boeing 757 - TUI

Into the capital of the alps!

IFGA Events (Saturday)

Route | MROC - KMIA
Aircraft & Airline | McDonnell Douglas DC10F - Arrow Air

Going retro!

IFGA Discoveries (Sunday)

Route | HECA - OEJN
Aircraft & Airline | Airbus A330-300 - Saudia

Exploring the Red Sea!

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A little late, but welcome @ifglobalaviators !!! Wish you the best!

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Time for a comeback.

Our comeback mission so far is a success and we are striving to climb back at the top of the IFC.
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Our way of filing in changing!

We are happy to say that we now utilize a bot which you can file your flights with starting from August 1st onwards. We thank @XY_MAGIC for his great help and efforts towards IFGA🙌🏼

We try to give you the best experience possible and little things like this do count into it.
We wish all our members a lot of fun with the new bot💙

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Our Event highlight of the incredible @QatariVirtual Event yesterday taken by our Marketing Manager @Anshul28!


It’s wonderful to see that there’s appreciation for Apple’s design aesthetics! The GIF, Profile Picture Gradient, and keynote description all bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s style. 🤣

Great thread! Can’t wait to learn more.


Indeed it was an incredible event! We would like to thank you for joining our Event. Hope you all had fun!

Chief Operating Officer

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Dear Infinite Flight Community

It is with a heavy heart that we unfortunately have to announce the closure of Global Aviatiors.

After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that our organization will cease operations due to inactivity starting from October 1st 2023.

This decision has not been taken lightly. We have been on an incredible journey together, working tirelessly to advance our mission, and it pains us deeply to acknowledge that the momentum we once had has stopped. In recent times, despite our best efforts, it has become increasingly challenging to sustain the level of engagement, participation, and impact that we initially set out to achieve. The milestones, memories and achievements made over the years are truly something to be proud of and we are happy to say that we have accomplished creating a welcoming, professional and awesome experience for our members.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Global Aviatiors. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and contributions have been instrumental in our journey. While this chapter may be closing, the memories and connections forged within our community will always remain.

As the time with our virtual organization comes to an end, we want to thank everyone for the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together. We have achieved remarkable milestones, and we proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Although Global Aviators us closing as a Virtual Organization, the server will be made public and will be transferred into a community server. If you are interested
Join Global Aviators here

In closing, we want to express our profound gratitude for your understanding, support, and the incredible experiences we have shared together. While this may be the end of an era for Global Aviatiors, we believe in the enduring power of our shared values, and we hope our paths will cross again in aviation in the future.

We wish the Infinite Flight Community clear skies, safe flying and all the best.


Flying Without Limits | One Globe, One Family | 2019-2023

Here it ends.


It has been an honor to be able to work my way up to CEO since the day I joined in 2019.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts, contributions and support towards IFGA.

Thanks everyone for the awesome and fun time.
Wishing everyone the best🙌🏼



It was a pleasure to fly with you guys from week to week. Whenever we called, you were there and made the skies more colorful.

Thanks for your kindness, your work and for being open to all ❤️