Global Aviators | New year, New IFGA | Official 2022 Thread

Welcome to Infinite Flight Global Aviators

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Here at IFGA we strive to fly to a standard above and beyond expected of Infinite Flight pilots. We fly with skill and precision that is unrivalled in the infinite flight community. These two values allow us to perform an impressive standard of professionalism and courtesy which sets us apart from other groups.


IFGA was officialy founded in late august 2018 and opened applications late october on the same year, since then, we haven’t stopped growing.

We are here to assure you the best experience, from flying together as a group, to connecting pilots from all over the globe, together, in one place, IFGA.


In-Game Requirements:

  • Grade 3+
  • 150K XP
  • 150 landings
  • Level 3 Violations: 1
  • Level 2 Violations: 3
  • No more than 1:2 Level 1 Violations to landing ratio
  • 200+ Flight Hours

General Requirements:

  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Live Subscription
  • Must have a active IFC account
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be 14+ years old
  • Must respect and follow IFGA rules at all times



Upon joining Global Aviators, each pilot is required to complete 1 Written Test and 2 Practicals. This is done in order to check the correct use of knowledge and procedures, which are then evaluated by our fellow Trainee Instructors. A set minimum of marks must be achieved in order to be announced as an IFGA Pilot.

Learn more here


These are the initial ranks we offer to our pilots once becoming approved, these do go by order and we currently offer 9 initial ranks that are given via the pilot’s activity such as flight hours, chat activity and event attendances.

Rank Hours Event Attendances
Approved Pilot 0 -
Rookie Pilot 25 -
Regular Pilot 50 -
Advanced Pilot 100 -
Seasoned Pilot 250 -
First Officer 500 5 Attended
Captain 750 10 Attended
Experienced Pilot 1000 15 Attended
Global Explorer 1250 20 Attended
Global Aviator 1500 30 Attended



Administrative Team Executive Team
@InfiniteFlightGuyYT - Founder and CEO @Michigan_Red - Staff & Server Manager
@ykaviation - Manager and COO @Infinitepics4u - Staff
@infinite.flight.intl - Support and COO @Anthony_Vo - Server Manager
@Expert_King557 - Head Trainee Instructor
@IF.Maks - Event’s Head Manager
@if.dallas - Event’s Manager
@CapA - Promotion’s Manager
@Pilot_Nidhal - Promotion’s Manager


Events & Discoveries

We currently host 2 events per week, at diferent times to assure everyone can join.

Events are our normal group flight events where most of our pilots reunite, every weekend.

IFGA Discoveries is about discovering the astonishing places around the globe and at the same time, having fun!

We are also starting to host monthly IFC events and introducing collaboration events with different VA/VOs.


We like to host a range of weekly competitions. We have a Kahoot competition that is released every weekend alongside our photo competition which has many different themes, including dark edits and livery creating. The winners of our competitions are posted over on our social media so we can share their creativity and skills.


Time for something new!
Ever fancied being an ATC in Infinite Flight?

5 ranks based on hours and operations. 2 servers which can be used (Training and Expert server).
If you’d like to join IFATC but you don’t feel like you have the knowledge or skill yet, don’t worry!

Our IFATC members are happy to help you to get up to standarts and to be prepared for the IFATC recruitment!
Simply ask your questions in our server and your questions should be answered by an IFATC member.

Please note that we always go after the official IFATC handbook which can be found under
Introduction | Infinite Flight .


A Kind, Helpful and Professional team awaits you. We are one big family who share mutual respect, knowledge and skill. With members from all corners of the globe all with different backgrounds, you’ll never be alone.


Join us for our first public IFC event this weekend!


Finally the new thread is here! :D

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Happy to see IFGA staying strong in 2022. Cheers to a new year and a new IFGA!


Absolutely stunning thread again !!💯💯

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Applied to your VO!

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You may check your email inbox or the PM we have sent to you! 😉

Join us for our second public IFC event next weekend!


February’s Announcement on it’s way!

The way our pilots log their flights is changing.
Find out more later today!

Aww. i wish i could join but I don’t meet the age and dizzy requirements :(

We hope to see you onboard in the near future!

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Our Crew Center is now out!


Love the thread. ❤️❤️


The way we present our announcements is changing!

We are delivering our monthly announcements in a whole different way, never before seen in any other VA/VO within the IFC.

Watch the official trailer below:

Our Events

Specially picked and realistic routes by our Event Managers to ensure amazing scenery throughout the flight, starting from departure!

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Infinite Flight Global Aviators Special Keynote Event

Live later today via our YouTube channel, set reminder here.
Teaser video:

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Infinite Flight Global Aviators Special Keynote Event live in 10 minutes!

Applied! This sounds like a great group. :D

Thank you, feel free to check your email inbox! 😉

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Very interested! Please let me apply!