Global ATC?

I’m just wondering what atc you would need to do when Global comes out. If I was doing a flight from NY-LONDON it would be different from Paris-Dubai. What would you do from the ATC perspective when crossing a large spaces of land?

What do you mean?

Please be more specific…

i think he means will it just be tower and approach like now or will there be specific centres for the atlantic for example

Well we’re not entirely confident on what it will be I don’t think, though we will get a better picture closer to the time.

How I see it:

  • IFATC will open up ‘areas’ of airports, to allow short haul flights which is likely what most people will do,
  • Approach will be able to follow more realistic procedures
  • Center will be more popular
  • Transatlantic control could be developed, but it is not really necessary.

What you’ll expect is an airport with fully operational ATC. I’ll expand on that…

Your major airports will most likely be fully decked out with TnG, Approach & Departure and center.

Like others have said, Center will become a more popular, used and powerful frequency. The network has been planned and figured so whatever happens I can assure you and myself it will be great :)


Most likely when global is realeased it will come with alot of reworks and such. Including a better center control or something.

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