Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


Need someone at CYYC NOW
Training server
AC 217


Server aircraft callsign?


Im sorry i am bout to do pattern work at YWOL


listed above :) i been asking for a few hours… everything is same, just different time


Expert Server
9:15 cdt




Training Server
Air Canada 217 Dash 8-Q400


Does this thread include training or just expert server !


Any server


Well, controller only control in the region, if you want to request, make sure it edited airport, has gate to spawn in and very low chances the controller will come to you in Expert.

@Adelaide_Aviation Not all server, Casual Server can’t be controlled.


Oh yea forgot


Nvm. Flight canceled


How does a request coincide with the selected controlled airports on the weekly thread…don’t you have to request an airport in those areas !


You can request in the selected region, remember IFATC don’t open when you request here. You will be lucky if they open.


Need ground and tower at CYYC (calgary) ASAP! Training server Air Canada 217


I only have a minute, so hurry please


Game crashed… need ATC again…
Training server
AC 217
Dash 8-Q400
CYYC Airport (Calgary International)
Need ASAP (already delayed by hours)


ATC Needed in 30 minutes to an hour…
CYYC Airport (Calgary)
AC217 Dash 8-Q400
Training Server


Am now ready and need ATC…
Departure airport… CYYC Calgary
Arrival airport CYKA Kamloops
Dash 8-Q400 AC 217
flight time around 1hr and 40 mins
Training Server


I could not wait longer and i have departed CYYC… But I do need an ATC for my arrival airport at CYKA in Kamloops… ETA of arrival is about 45 mins to an hour…
Training server
Dash 8-Q400