Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


on the training server


Training server
Delta 543


Training Server
WestJet 543


You should probably post in advance when you will be needing ATC, so controllers will have more time to come :)


thank you for helping me with ATC and how was the landing?Was it a butter landing or a Ryanair


B737 - 800
Qantas 734


ATC Please in SFO

Airport: KSFO
Arrival Time: IN 25 Mins
Callsign: Frontier Flight 122



Do you still need atc?


Nope, not anymore


Hi, Needed soon! Ground and tower controllers:
Flight details:

Airport: CYYC (Calgary International) flying to CYKA Kamloops
Flight time is scheduled for 1hr and 10mins from now. need controllers in 45 mins or less…
Plane is AC 217 (Air Canada) dash 8-Q400 on Trainer server.


Hi do you still ATC?


yes, I am delaying my flight for about 15 mins due to technology issues. I have crappy phone… so runs very slow and bad graphics (makes run faster) also trying to run IF Pax and screen recorder at same time with out it crashing haha!


ready and waiting now!


I’m coming ;) Which airport


CYYC Calgary


Aviation Jack has it, I’ll take Dept and appr


no one there now! and ready to taxi


I’m there!


stay there! I have to delay another 15mins UGH! need delete more apps…


I am Now ready