Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


It is unnecessary to send message twice after you are sent into pattern entry.

Edit: No need to report your position after you are cleared to land or option. If you were cleared for the option, you can report your going full stop.


Sorry, got to leave later


Training Server
Speedbird 461
Come pls


You know you have to stop at the hold short line and request takeoff don’t just go straight on the runway in future πŸ‘πŸ» @AviationJack


Sorry I went to fast


Trying something new! I will be livestreaming my IFATC session. LIMC is open on expert

Check out the stream here:



I need ATC at Cassidy Intl. PLCH, Thanks. Coming in in 15 mins on TS


Thank you, sorry forgot your IF username. That was Leg 2 of my Round The World Journey In the A318!


Enjoy your world journey! Happy Landings!


I need some atc help

need atc

Hello everybody i request atc at 22h utc in lfll tower an in dtta at 23hutc approach .
My callsign is Tunisaire 26
Training serveur


When would like the atc?


At 22h zulu in lfll


change of destination this is dtmb but arrives scheduled between 23h and 23h23 zulu


Do you understand jack


Can I have a link for live flight to track your flight


Depart in 20 min


My call sing is tunisair 26
My name is sami Slama


hello if you want to follow my flight thank you to go on infinity flight tracker or live flight because I do not respond to the message during the flight


Depart in 7 min
Recall depart lfll
Arrives dtmb