Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


Can Someone Come To Tower And Help Me for the approach My Call Sign Is Jetstar 4 8 3 1 and im on expert Server


This request is within the ATC region so it should be viable:

-LIRF (Rome Int’l)
-About 40 mins from now
-EL AL 383

There are probably other planes inbound as well since this is a featured airport.


Can anybody do tower and ground at KSFO for my arrival in about 10 minutes on ts1? My call sign is United 02 and I am in a 787-9


Requesting the following
ATC on Training Server global V2
EIDW tower and ground in about 50 minutes
A320-200 Aer Lingus
Shamrock 1 6 9



Need Approach and then Tower/Ground as I arrive into VRMM on Training Server

A321-200 Air Canada
Reunion 205
In about 20 minutes


requesting atc at HECA at 1830 zulu callsign af 006


Requesting atc at YSCB


Okay, I am at Canberra!


Thanks @Gabe_Z! See ya next time.


training sever
JetBlue A321
JetBlue 1054
come pls


4:30 EDT? Or CDT?


EDT time :)


Ehh, It’s doubtful I’ll make it as I have to get ready for a meetup with my friends


ok then ////


anyone else :)


Oh no, saw this just now
Sorry :(


Its ok @Damian helped me.


Delta 7419 and Air Canada

I need ATC

@AviationJack Still need the ATC?


Training server
maple 953