Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


Would it not be handy to change the title to Global ATC request thread?


Would I be able to get ground and tower if possible aircraft is a 777-300 /JFK-SBGl arrival 40 minutes Ts1


@Joeoreilly77 i can do in the next 30 mins if you can speed up slightly?


Yeah I’ll be around that I’m cruising at 0.85


Oh sorry just got to go out i might be back in time might not sorry!


Can I get @KSJCRampAgent to control KSJC on the expert server at around 11:00am-12:00 pm (PST) (1900Z-2000Z)? Approach ATC would also be nice. I am approaching ATC and I would like to some services to help vector me into the airport.

Server: Expert
Airport: KSJC
Time: 1900Z-2000Z (my time of approach) (11am-12pm PST my time)
Aircraft and Callsign: B789 American 63 Heavy

Yes, Boeing 787s are allowed into KSJC. ANA to and from Narita is a Boeing 787.

Expert ATC Schedule • 29 Jan - 4 Feb

American 278
Can I have all freq filled pls


Looking for volunteers for ATC for my airport…

I do live broadcast flights everyday sometimes up to 4x a day… So i run on a schedule… It would be great to have ATC to keep it realism and professional.
Home airport is CYQI ( Yarmouth)
Routes are:
to New York KJFK
to St. John’s CYYT
to Los angles KLAX
And to Miami KMIA

If interested, please msg me! And I will send you a schedule. I need ground and tower. I also have a facebook page and website which has more detail

Thank you!


Server: Training

Callsign: IAV1CEO

At ZGSZ at 1720Z and also at VHHH shortly after!

Can I have all frequencies filled if possible but tower and ground is a must!

More details will be PM’ed to available people!


Can I get ATC at KSJC on Saturday? Ground and tower would be great!

Server: Expert
Airport: KSJC
Why: [In ONE WEEK] Breathe Life Into KSJC With Southwest Airlines @ KSJC - 031905ZMAR18


Expert v2
British Airways/Speedbird 1
At EINN (yes it is in today’s region)
Can I have all freq filled pls


To all that ask for expert server controllers. We have a schedule, and it is our choice what airports to open. Keep in mind our focus airports


@anon97848036 i requested for a smaller airport within the day’s region. it was even one of those max extent airports. and also, what restriction do IFATC have on FNF other than the main airport and suggested route.


Expert v2
Cargolux 4311807EDT
At KJFK(today is fnf so idk what resrictions you guys have)
Can I have all freq filled pls


For FNF, we get limited to what the event was, take last weeks Scandinavian Day, we could control in Scandinavia, this weeks Cargo Specialty, we could control Cargo Airports.


ok makes sense. thanks. so you can control any airport related to the event. for the scandinavia one for example, can you do nearby airport like egll perhaps maybe. like is that allowed, not a request.


As long as its in the Scandinavian area. I am not fully familiar with all the regions, I am still fairly new to the IFATC.


Can anyone offer ATC services at EDFF on ts1 for ground, tower and departure??

Now ideally. Thanks


@flyme2bluemoon FNF really quite open. For instance in the scandavian region we will open airports that relate to the main airport. For other days, we will mostly open the focus airports first and then open other airports in the region based on each controllers own preference within the region that will not affect the focus airports. For example later this week KSJC is a focus airport. As such KSFO will not be opened.


thanks for clearing that up. makes a lot of sense