Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


Maybe As soon as I’m done with my flight KEWR to KBOS


Will try to make it there for you


Yeah I think I need ATC at kbos soon but not now


Where are you now


I just toke off from KEWR


Ok will be looking for you on live flight


Ok found you Skywest 634


Yep that’s me


@Harold_Lantos @AviationJack Please chat in PM if you are continuing chatting.


Sorry about that


Atc at CYUL is open rwy 24L and R in use


This thread should mainly be used for pilots to request ATC, not for ATC to say when/where they’re open.
If you plan on doing more ATC in the future, maybe consider creating an ATC Tracking Thread. On IFC, you can search “ATC tracking thread” to see some examples.


Ok got thanks sorry about that


Doing a short and small flight from Yarmouth to New York JFK (CYQI) to (KJFK)

need ATC for departure location and arrival.

training server, flight is Air Canada 217
I’m flying a Dash 8-Q400
hoping to depart in 15 mins.


Flight delayed… now departing in 15-30 minutes. so do need ATC in 15 to 30 mins.
Training server
Air Canada 217
Bombardier CRJ-200


Hello! I need ATC at CYQI airport in Yarmouth… and possibly in KJFK New York for arrival
I am now at gate awaiting ATC
training Server
Air Canada Express 217
Bombardier CRJ-200


ATC ground and tower
CYQI Airport
Air Canada Express 217
training Server.


Hi all,
Need ATC at YSSY urgently on Training. 4 CRJ inbound from Hobart


I’m looking for Ground and Tower and Departure that may be available today at 9:00 PM (UTC-2) at the event honoring the dead in an air crash two years ago !!

*Information Flight *
Day: 11/29/2018
Server: Training Server
Airports: SBGL (Departure) and SBCH (Arrival)
Event Link: Homage to the dead on the Lamia flight 2933 @ SBCH - 292100ZNOV18


Maybe I’ll be there.