Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


landing in 15 mins at CYKA airport in Kamloops… I need a ATC there for landing…
training server
Dash 8-Q400


Landing at LIMC training server in 12mins. AZ605 heavy. Would appreciate if a controller would be present. Thanks


If you would like atc on training server available all most all of the time just post your info as described at the top


Air India 323
ready to taxi
It would be more realistic and fun with ATC OPS active.
Thank you


Thank you for the ATC, Knp


I was the ATC at VABB, however I am not an IFATC but I pass my exams


Let me know when you’re going to land.


Need ATC in 15 mins or so…
CYKA Airport (Kamloops) flying to KLAX
Training Server
Airbus A330-300 AirCanada 217


Ok I’m coming


thank you!


can you do ground as well?


There’s no ground only tower


I am now ready for take off!


Sorry I can’t help you anymore sorry


Training Server
United 634


Ok there now


Thank you :)


Thanks for helping


Your welcome except that you came in on the wrong end that’s why I wanted you to come in on 16


Can I Get ATC in KSEA on TS in exactly 1:30 Hour and Minutes

Callsign Alaska Flight of 2 Arriving from the North