Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)

AeroMexico 482
Can I have all freq filled pls

It is already being operated on all stations. Please check before posting next time.

Let us know if there is a gap!!!

Anybody needing ATC?

I am available to control wherever is needed on training server!

ground and tower is possible

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Arriving shortly in CYQI
Would like to have an ground and tower please
Arrives in 1hr20mins
Dash 8-Q400 air canada 217
Departing there at 20:00 to go to YYT

I do! At CYQI groumd and tower, just need to charge phone up and refuel…
Was suppose to arrive an hour ago but was delayed cause i had to wait for ATC in miami… Then further delayed cause of the high winds here…
But if you can be there in 30mins to an hour that be great! Training server grade 3

I would like ATC for an event flight from PHNL-NTAA.

Server - Training
Airport - PHNL
Time - 2000Z
Aircraft and Callsign - (Mine is HVA100) There are going to be a lot of aircrafts at PHNL due to the event.

Doing a live streaming flight and looking for ATC for right now.

  • grade 3 on training server
  • CYQI
  • flying CYQI TO CYYT
  • want both ground and tower
  • flight time is about 2 hours and 30mins but cpuld be a lot sooner. If can do departure amd arrival that be great to.
  • flight is West Jet 214
  • Dash 8-Q400

Hi, can I request @KSJCRampAgent come do ATC at KSJC on the expert server, please?

Server: Expert
Airport: KSJC

EDIT: I am pushing back now. My request is canceled. :)

IFATC request
Hi inbound for KPHX if an atc could be there in 5 or 10 much apresated

What server are you on ?

@James_Follette do you still need it

Yes! I will be doing a flight today, i have a daily routine flight schedule actually lol. Il get back to you on where I am flying today. Or just go to my site, schedule is up there. :)

Ok yup so i got a lot of flights today the next one is in 20mins CYQI TO KJFK. And then KJFK TO CYQI shortly after for a return flight. Would need both tower and ground.
Training server and flying the dash 8-Q400 West Jet.
About an hour to an hour and 10mins flight.

Would it not be handy to change the title to Global ATC request thread?

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Would I be able to get ground and tower if possible aircraft is a 777-300 /JFK-SBGl arrival 40 minutes Ts1

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@Joeoreilly77 i can do in the next 30 mins if you can speed up slightly?

Yeah I’ll be around that I’m cruising at 0.85

Oh sorry just got to go out i might be back in time might not sorry!

Can I get @KSJCRampAgent to control KSJC on the expert server at around 11:00am-12:00 pm (PST) (1900Z-2000Z)? Approach ATC would also be nice. I am approaching ATC and I would like to some services to help vector me into the airport.

Server: Expert
Airport: KSJC
Time: 1900Z-2000Z (my time of approach) (11am-12pm PST my time)
Aircraft and Callsign: B789 American 63 Heavy

Yes, Boeing 787s are allowed into KSJC. ANA to and from Narita is a Boeing 787.

American 278
Can I have all freq filled pls