Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)

Doing a short and small flight from Yarmouth to New York JFK (CYQI) to (KJFK)

need ATC for departure location and arrival.

training server, flight is Air Canada 217
I’m flying a Dash 8-Q400
hoping to depart in 15 mins.

Flight delayed… now departing in 15-30 minutes. so do need ATC in 15 to 30 mins.
Training server
Air Canada 217
Bombardier CRJ-200

Hello! I need ATC at CYQI airport in Yarmouth… and possibly in KJFK New York for arrival
I am now at gate awaiting ATC
training Server
Air Canada Express 217
Bombardier CRJ-200

ATC ground and tower
CYQI Airport
Air Canada Express 217
training Server.

Hi all,
Need ATC at YSSY urgently on Training. 4 CRJ inbound from Hobart


I’m looking for Ground and Tower and Departure that may be available today at 9:00 PM (UTC-2) at the event honoring the dead in an air crash two years ago !!

*Information Flight *
Day: 11/29/2018
Server: Training Server
Airports: SBGL (Departure) and SBCH (Arrival)
Event Link: Homage to the dead on the Lamia flight 2933 @ SBCH - 292100ZNOV18

Maybe I’ll be there.

ATC? and if for what position? Tower + Ground?

Yes, ATC ground and Tower

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Ok, Thank You very much !!

You’re welcome

Training Server
ETA- 1530z
Arrival- EKCH
Callsign- BAVA129

I will be there.

Appreciate it

I’m there now

i will tune in as soon as possible

Red runways are not accessible @Jack_BC

Rwy in use 22L R and rwy12

Please, when I tell you to do an approach for runway 22L, do it. And don’t change the frequency without my permission.
Thank you

Training Server
ETA - 1615z
Arrival - KMCO
B737-800 (Southwest)
Callsign- WN411