Global ATC Thread (Request ATC)


Hello IFC! I have created a thread for pilots that would like ATC at a specific airport for their departure and arrival. Make sure to specify:

-Live Server
-Time that you will be in that area
-Aircraft and Callsign

Hopefully this will allow us pilots to have active ATC at the specific airports that we are flying to on Global.

EDIT: Also, remember to reply to someone’s request if you are interested in providing ATC for them.

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I would like some ATC for my arrival into Dulles, and then my departure right after. This is on the TS1 server. I will arrive at 10:30 EST (a little over 7 hours from now). Callsign is United 919 Heavy. Hopefully we can have all four Dulles frequencies on for my arrival from Heathrow, and then my departure to Beijing-Capital (as United 807 Heavy).


I’m requesting ATC for the below info. Thanks!!

Training Server [Global]V2



American 372
Can I have all freq filled pls


@flyme2bluemoon If that is a Man City reference in your username then yes.


Training Server Version Two
1730 Local
Requesting Tower Filled


Indeed! you saw that!

#9 Flight seems like it maybe early. Now it’s saying in about 40-45 mins


@trio you’re not alone…


I’ve can see that there is already tower and ground at DFW. Maybe you can do approach? Just started descent


I’m open for atc requests


Requesting full atc at YMML on ts1 in approximately 10 minutes


Requesting ATC training server 1 - OMDB- 4 HR 25 Min Emirates 162 777


Good morning!
Someone in the IFFG is requesting ATC coverage at KBOS (Training server) at 10:00 AM EST, and then at KISP (training server) about 20-40 minutes later. If you can do so, let me know ASAP!


Cathay 715 Heavy
Can I have all freq filled pls


I am currently avaliable for KBOS on TS (Tower and Ground.)


do you want to come to singapore(wsss)? a few planes on the ground and im going to land in about 20 mins


Sure. WSSS it is! (TS1 right?)


yes it is Training Server 1 (i needed enough characters)