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GARTS Banner - About Us

GARTS is an acronym for Global ATC Requests for the Training Server. Our main purpose is to provide a server for pilots who seek ATC Services for the Training Server. The idea behind the creation of GARTS came from this topic: Global ATC Requests Thread for the Training Server. As some of you may have already witnessed, pilots are unable to find a user to provide ATC services for the Training Server due to the posts clogging up the thread after their request. Therefore, GARTS provides a server for pilots to seek ATC Services exclusively for the Training Server.

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Our channels #ground-tower & #approach-departure are for pilots to request ATC Services. These channels are only used for ATC Requests. Once a pilot posts their request, the interested controller reacts to the pilot’s post, indicating that they are happy to do ATC for them. Once the pilot sees the reaction, they tag the controller in one of the communication rooms and they are now free to create their plan. Once they finish, the pilot posts the phrase: “Room Clear” indicating that the room is clear for another pilot. More steps and information are included on our server.

Open for a look into our server!

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GARTS Banner - Partneships

We would be very happy to support events on the Training Server providing channels for the pilots and the assigned ATC to organize their flight. If you would like us to host your event or group flight, message @GARTS on the Infinite Flight Community.

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Rules are simple and will be enforced. This server tries to bring Infinite Flight Users closer, so bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

Do not use vulgar language against other pilots

Do not post content that may be considered sexist, racist, etc…

Do not react to an ATC request if one has already reacted

Do not post anything inside a room that is being used by another pilot

Always include the phrase Room Clear when you don’t need services anymore


To join you should…

  1. have an Infinite Flight Community account

  2. be at least Trust Level 1 on the Infinite Flight Community forum

  3. have a discord account

Last but not least, you should not be a member of the IFATC group. IFATC operates only on the Expert Server.

Application Form:

If you meet the requirements, click the link below to open the application form:

Application Form


We are in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Infinite Flight or the IFATC group.
© 2021 Global ATC Requests for the Training Server


Nice thread!!

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Thank you very much!


Nice thread!! but got one question

Thanks for your kind words. Please message @GARTS and we will discuss everything there!


Love the thread, here is a question, who will actually be controlling? Because IFATC controllers aren’t allowed to control on the Ts, so do you have non IFATC members on standby to help control when someone requests service?

Yes. They can set the notifications to receive all, so when a pilot requests ATC services, they respond.


Nice, love the idea
But where will be able to request ATC? On the original thread? Or the new one

Thanks for the question. Users may request services inside our server or in the topic linked above. Our server though provides private rooms for pilots and ATC to communicate while flying.

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Ok makes sense, thanks

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Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified for future uploads!


Applied! Can’t wait!



Our private rooms are now open to members who want to control an airport together. It was already allowed, but nowhere mentioned. Our website has also been updated accordingly!

Website | Application Form | YouTube

I just applied for you guys @GARTS


A really wonderful thread and also website !
Congrats on your approval and wish you all the best in the futur !

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Just applied, this seems really cool. I look forward to hearing something back soon.

I’ve applied!

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