Global ATC Request

I have noticed that requesting for ATC on the official global thread is quite slow, and usually it doesn’t come.
Is there a newer, more active thread I am unaware of?
and while I’m at it,

Cathay 239 Heavy
Training Server
Time: Now

Help will be appreciated

Are yyou asking somebody to be atc?

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Ima be ground and tower then

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That thread was last active 5 minutes ago, I don’t know how a new thread would change anything 🤔

Please continue above, there is no reason for a new one.

That is the most active one, there is at least one request an hour. People coming to help you are volunteers, you can’t expect them to always be available.


im not trying to create a new thread, and that was me. The one before me was 1 hour.

I understand your frustration but lets not overcrowd the forum, just be patient and someone will come to your rescue!

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Okay thanks

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Still, if somebody on the other thread sees that you need ATC, someone will come sooner or later. We all have lives, some of us have other things to do. :)

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Continue in thread above.