Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

Oh, okay. Sorry. I didn’t know this

I am 35minutes away!

When will you be active at the airport

@BenjiTheBull did not say he would open for you

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LFPG-LFBO flight of three arriving in 35 mins, requesting GND + TWR serviced.

3 A220-300s

Didn’t work


5 cargo aircraft’s arriving in ~1 hour
Requesting: Approach
Server: Training

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I can if u want

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That would be nice, I’m leading, starting to descent in 20 minutes.
Hope to see you soon!

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Be on ground and tower

Nevermind I think you got it

Request TNCM ATC, especially Approach

Fly-in event going on, scheduled arrivals at 2023-11-04T20:00:00Z but many people are arriving already!

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Most people seem to be coming in between 2023-11-04T19:00:00Z & 2023-11-04T20:00:00Z.

I would like to request ATC Services for Chicago KORD.

  • KORD
  • Currently 1 hour and 37 min from arrival @ KORD-WATSN4-STAR APPROACH
  • United Airlines B737-900
  • 7T-UAV
  • Tower/Ground would be amazing if anyone could provide these services. If someone wants to run approach that would be a bonus but not necessary.

Thanks for your services! Look forward to my approach @ KORD!

I am on the expert server though. I am not sure if anyone can help. I didn’t realize this thread was for the training server. my bad. Thank you.

you about 20 out?

Can I have atc at kjfk in 30 minutes I’m speedbord 2273 heavy inbound from egkk on the training server

ATC is requested for Ground and Tower for couple of planes in the patterns

CYUL training server starting in 5 minutes


Can I have some atc at omdb on ts I’m emirates 66 decending now 20 minutes out

I’m about halfway through my flight down to KATL and there are about 5 other aircraft that will be arriving all at the same time as me. It would be greatly appreciated if we could get some ATC down there (Ground/Tower/and/or Approach preferably). Flight Details: Delta Airlines; Delta 18; 1:13 hrs. till arrival; Expert Server.

Think I had you

My pleasure! 😂