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Yes inbound and 30 NM out.

UCFM on training? I don’t see you listed

Oh no, I was requesting ATC there.

Ho you were taking off from UCFM?

No I’m landing there right now

I’m there and I don’t see you

Expert server

10 chars min

Requesting ATC & Company if possible WSSS-YSSY:
If possible: Tower, ground and approach for sydney and tower ground departure for singapore.
Departure Airport: Singapore Changi Intl (WSSS)
Arrival Airport: Sydney Intl (YSSY)
Departure time (zulu): 13:40
Arrival time: Keep you posted
Callsign: Singapore 241 Heavy
Gate at Singapore Changi: C22 (Please do not take this gate, but rather gates around it)
Gate at Sydney: Somewhere Terminal 1
Airframe: Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900
Estimated Flight Time according to Google flights: 7 hr 40 min (probably less)
What to do for company: Be professional and spawn in singapore airlines a350 if you are going to the c gates.
Thanks for reading!


Update: the departure time is now rescheduled for 1440Z, sorry…

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United 154 - Iconic Island Hopper Route - ATC and Company Request Training Server
Date: 4/15/2022
ZULU time of departure (pushback): 1140Z
Callsign: United 154 (TheAviator808)
Departure airport: PHNL (Daniel K. Inouye International Airport)
Gate: I will spawn in gate B4
Most airports have a UNICOM only, so the only airports that ATC will be able to control are Honolulu, Kwajalein Atoll Bucholz Army Airfield, and Guam Intl
Airframe: United B737-800
I will post updates on the flight time…
Note: I am requesting the “reef” runway as that is used for this flight in real life (Runway 8R)


Training server ATC request

I will be arriving in KSEA in 2H 6 minutes roughly if anyone could provide ground and tower?

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Can someone take RJBB in like 45 mins?

Can anybody control for my event? Seattle center, KRDM tower, ground and KBDN please? May 28 Massive RDM GA flyout for @OregonAviaton’s bday @KRDM 1800Z

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I’ll control GTS, if it’s still available! 🙃

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Yay! Yes it is!

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Looking forward to it!

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It’s gonna be great!

Would like some Atc for
TTPP(piarco int Trinidad)
Tower and departure
Call sign :Caribbean 192

KDAB is open on the training server if anyone wants to stop by!

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