Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

I just landed at EHAM! I’ll be taking off shortly again soon! like 10 min

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Do you want tower and ground @Paul_G

yeah that would be great. i’ll inform you when im back

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Okay @Paul_G

EHAM is online

I have to go somewhere @Paul_G. Sorry keeping asking and someone will come

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I can open EHAM for you. Tower and ground

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Sure! im coming there rn. I’ll depart from there

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No problem man. Im sorry for not coming back

Its taken up atm I’ll hop in later.

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Hey There!
I’m requesting ATC Services on the Training Server!
Airport - YSSY (Sydney, Australia)
Time - Arrival Time into, YSSY 4:57pm Sydney Time
Callsign - Qantas 11VA Super - > A380
ATC - Either Open as Tower or Approach l If there are two people willing to control pretty simple, one will log in as Tower and the other will log in as Approach.

Now got approx 2 Hours and 45 Minutes to go - > YSSY (Sydney, Australia)

Within 5-10 minutes
B-14CK heavy
Ground tower ATIS
Expert server

Thanks! I’m also gonna stream

This topic is only for training server, due to the ATC schedule there are no requests for ES

-in 1 hour 20 mins
-Doing 3 patterns
-FedEx 777F
-Fedex 9VA
-Ground and Tower
Thanks in advance

  • EGCC
  • in approx 30 mins
  • B757
  • Dreamjet 550
  • Tower and Ground

Would highly appreciate someone hopping on :)

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Hey guys, I would like some ATC.




Arriving in 25 mins

I require Tower

Hello can I get ATC for KDAL
Southwest 588VA
Landing in 20min
Tower and Ground pls


Hey can i get Tower and Ground in VABB (Training Server)

Air India 864
Landing in 15 mins.
Requesting tower and ground

There are two other aircrafts with me as well.

I need atc at lfpg ground, tower, departure, paris centre, london center & approach

Will be active at 10:17 EST, callsign Speedbird 275 Heavy going LFPG to EGLL