Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

hi, can anybody pls do:

-Aeroflot 330
-ground, tower?


Don’t know if I’m too late but I got you covered
Edit: you were already at fl300 by that time, maybe ask earlier in advance next time?

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I’m sorry, when I write now, I mean now, but Thank you anyway!😂😂😉

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Good late evening!!
I am doing a long late night flight

Departure: CYVR (Vancouver)
Arrival: KJFK ( New York)
Plane: Boeing 737-800
West Jet 217
Trainer Server
Need ATC for Ground & Tower!

Departure in CYVR is set for 22:35 ( roughly 35 mins from now) Pacific Time
However, I am now at the Gate currently boarding. So, I may be able to leave a lot earlier!

Need ATC at CYVR as soon as possible!!! want to depart in 20 minutes!

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for Approach controllers for my event in Aspen. PM me if you’re interested, here is the link to the event.

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Just gonna bump this up :)

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i would actually be better controlling tower also idk if will be able to control ts by then im on way to be a ifatc

can someone get jfk app and tower/ground will be arriving in about 15 min

Bro you gotta give more heads up.

Could I please get an Approach, Tower & Ground frequency at SAEZ (Ministro Pistarini) in 1 hour from now?

Callsign: Argentina 598
Aircraft: 737-800
Airline: Aerolinas Argetina
Route: SAWH - SAEZ

Sure. TS correct?

Sorry? Yes it’s correct

It’s always on TS

Yes I’m on Training Server

No I was telling him

I’m spawning in now @IFFG_OlegMagni

Thank you so much!!

@IFFG_OlegMagni Sorry, I’m tired and have fat fingers lol

Haha no problem dude!