Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

Need ATC (Preferably Ground/Tower/Departure and Approach) for later (about 3/18 hours from now(at time of writing))

Type: SQ A359 (Using SQ B77W as a replacement in IF)

Scheduled Timings (Will update accordingly):
SFO/KSFO: 2019-09-28T20:05:00Z
SIN/WSSS: 2019-09-29T12:45:00Z

Notice to ATC:

  1. Please be there a few minutes before scheduled departure, I will be following actual flight SQ31. Inbound A/C SQ32 was very late (About 2h). Hence may depart earlier or later depending on actual A/C

  2. A/C is Very Heavy, Require RWY 28L/R for takeoff for GNNRR 2 RNAV DEPARTURE, cruising is FL300 (Step climbing to FL360)

  3. Depending on wind conditions at WSSS(it is weird now due to shifting winds, will check Flighradar24 for landing direction 15 mins prior to arrival). I will use KARTO 1A [KART1A] ARRIVAL for RWYS 02L/C OR KARTO 1B [KART1B] ARRIVAL for RWYS 20C/R

  4. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you need any other info related to my flight. Expect my last available response 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, 10 minutes after departure, 30 minutes before landing and 10 minutes after touchdown

  5. Thank You. :)

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I can provide Ground/Tower services for the event that is in 2 hours. PM me if you’re interested.

I might be able to

Hello can anyone provide tower and ground at KPDX in 1hr
I’m departing from KBOI right now in a delta 747-4
Callsign delta 215 heavy

I probably will, I have another IFC event i’m attending but I think I can. We’ll see

But I’m going to need some Controllers in November! I have an event in a few months and I need 5 talented ATC controllers to help me with it. If you’re interested, PM me or respond to my thread!

cool that’s nice of you.

Would you be interested?

Sure, May I find out if you are doing Ground/Tower/Departure/Approach and which airport specifically. Thanks in advance :)

Ksfo ground and tower

Unfortunately, Ground and tower are taken by @TRDubh. Will you be okay with departure instead?

Many thanks for taking some time out :)

Ok that’s fine

Alright, to not spam this topic, I will PM you the details of my expected departure route

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Hi, anyone can do Ground/Tower at SIN/WSSS? Many thanks in advance

Arrival Details:

Callsign: Singapore 31 Heavy (SQ31, my Display name will be IFC-Reichsniper)

Current location: Here

Expected Arrival Time: 2019-09-29T11:55:00Z (You can spawn in now, I am on decent phase)

I will PM you the details of my arrival (Approach Route, Rwy etc)

Hi, can anyone do Ground/Tower/Departure at SIN/WSSS? Many thanks in advance

I will PM specific details (taxi route etc.) to you but I will give the essentials now.

Callsign/Aircraft: Singapore 336 Heavy/B77W

Airport: SIN/WSSS

Terminal/Gate: Terminal 3/ Gate B5

Scheduled Departure Time: 2019-09-29T16:15:00Z

Hi, can aynybody pls do:

-arrival now
-Aeroflot 330
-ground, tower


hi, can anybody pls do:

-Aeroflot 330
-ground, tower


Need ATC:

Landing in 15 min
Plane: TBM 930
Callsign: N859VY

@IFFG_OlegMagni hope my approach and ground control was acceptable😉

Makes two of us 😏