Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

If anyone needs ATC, I’m available

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I land at UUDD at 2:59 will anyone be available to do ATC their on the expert server?

This thread is for Training Server in fact and more information about the hour would have been nice ^^ @Nicholas1

(2:59 according to which area)

2:59pm New York time and I’m sorry I didn’t know it was just for the training server it said global so I thought it was for everyone.

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United 2031
About 10 minutes out


I am active (click blue text for my IFC Controlling Thread - I have ATIS and NOTAM’s there for pilots at the airport) at LFPG right now if you want a mature and experienced environment on Training Server.

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Howdy, I just wanted to try out my ATC skills and see how I go with some traffic. If anyone’s interested, I’ll be on for the next 30 mins or so.


Sorry I confused it with a different topic ^^

Hello there can you be my atc at 0130z (14 July) for an event on Training server ?? 17 pilots have signed up … hope you are atc present! Thanks

(3 sector military flight)
Time : 09:20pm Singapore time/ 0130z

Is this in 15 minutes?

No, at 0130 Zulu time soon

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so in 5 minutes?

No, where y from ?? I ll convert time for you lol

New Zealand

9:30a.m (NZ time in morning) on Wednesday okay 😉 hope to see y as ATC !!

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is that your wednesday?

Yeah !! Our country go ahead … I’m on Wednesday morning (09:32am) now and y on Tuesday night (09:32pm) …

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ok thank you I’ll probably come

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Thank you 🙏