Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

Welcome. Enjoy your flight :)


Is there one for the Expert Server?

Nope. Expert server atc is decided by a schedule every week and then it’s down to us IFATC to decide which airports to open and when on each day.


Training server
KLAX-KSAT zulu time is 1420z for takeoff.

How can you apply to become IFATC? I’m thinking of applying.

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@Zhopkins I can be your atc!

Here is the link to the ATC joining thread:


Thanks for being ATC. What is the link?

Ill add you to the group pm.

Thanks for the link.

That’s great to hear! Your first step it to contact a suitable recruiter. Go over to the home page on ifc, click on the IFATC schedule and then scroll down to “how to become IFATC”
EDIT - someone’s given you the direct link😂cheers @Stellar_G!


Hi! I need ATC at my Arrival (KSEA)

  • Airport: KSEA (Seattle)
  • Arrival around 3hrs 35mins from the time of this comment
  • Aircraft (B737-900) (Delta)
  • Callsign (IFC - PilotCSG / C-HRIS)
  • Approach and Ground

Can anyone be ATC at KBUR rn?

I might need ATC soon at KSTS.

Sure, I’ll be there

rip. i just took off

Yeah, just saw you taking off. Have a safe flight

Let me know when u need it


Can I get someone to open Shanwick Center FIR please?

No can do sorry

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