Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

I can do ATC requests if anyone needs rn

Just opened up LFBO on TS. Feel free to pop by - looking for feedback on my ATC

Hey mate @Calum787 this thread is only for requesting pilots for ATC… You can create another thread in the forum for that!😉

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I’ll be right there, I need to practice pattern work 👍

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Ah sorry I wasn’t sure whether to open a whole new topic or just to post here

Will be more careful next time :)


Thanks!! That’s alright. It’s just that we don’t wanna clog up this thread… If you need any help creating the thread just PM or you can click on this link below!!

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within 1 hour.
B777-200ER American Airlines
American 759 Heavy
ground + tower please.


Pls DM me if you can come


I see you got someone already, you still need someone or you already got someone?


I had to go. You can open approach and departure if you want.

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Ok! Are you still going to control tower and ground at that time?

Not sure, he told me in DMs that he became busy and cant help anymore

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Do you still need controls if pls provide more details thanks :)

Ok, I’ll be there


Oh sorry replied to wrong message


Hello everyone!

I would like to have ATC service at 2 aiports (preferably):

LSZA (Lugano Aiport), Ground and Tower;

LIRJ (Marina Di Campo) Ground and tower.

Callsign: N1EC

Aircraft: A318 ACJ

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What time mate?

Now LSZA and 1 hour LIRJ

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You’re free?

yep, just in now :)