Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services

I am boarding now :)

ready… few other planes are as well.

hi can anybody pls do:

-LGAV Asap
-And LBBG half an hour after takeoff
-Aeroflot 346
-ground and tower?


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Have a safe flight @magmati!

ATC request, expert server ground and tower arriving around 1330Z (UTC) at OMDB
A380 Emirates
Callsing: Emirates 378

Hi, Gabriel,

This thread is for training server ATC requests. Expert server controllers must follow the ATC Schedule and are not able to fulfill requests made on this thread. If you’re on expert and would like ATC, please consider flying to the featured airports that are listed in the schedule. Welcome to the community! :)

Warm regards,

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ok I’m sorry
Thank you

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Hi ya’ll, I have 3 flights planned for today! I need ATC for the last 2…

My first flight is from KLAX to CYVR ( will need Tower and ground when arriving) Departing at 15:25 Pacific Time, roughly a 2 hours and 15 min flight.
2nd Flight is CYVR to CYKA, Need ground and tower, flight departs at 18:00 Pacific Time.
3rd Flight is CYKA to KSAN, Need Ground and Tower at CYKA. flight departs at 20:00 Pacific time.

Flight 1: AC217
Flight 2: AC001
Flight 3: SW666 ( South West Airlines)

Sorry, I am bad with Zulu time so I don’t use it… last time I did the conversion using the site, it was wrong…

Is this for tommorow?

today… Sorry I am delayed due to technology. Flight 1 will happen in like 1 hour or so

You do know that IFATC members cant control outside of scheduled region.

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May I have ATC for Departure please!

Airport: OTHH
Time: 2020-03-25T01:00:00Z
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Airline Callsign: Qatari 701 Heavy
ATC: Ground+Tower
Server: Training

No they can’t, only the Friday. And they can’t control on TS

May i have atc for arrival?
Airport: HKJK
Time: 14:15 UTC
Aircraft: B787
Callsign: Kenya 88 Heavy
Request: Ground and tower

Can someone control KMDW?


Now if so then I can.

Yup. I’ll see you there

Afterward can you review my ATC at:

Anyone available for ATC at CYKA in about 2-4 hours? Ground & Tower :) will be arriving from KLAX

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Yeah ill try, ping me when you need it

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