Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services


Global ATC Requests (for the Training Server)

Approaching or departing an airport on the Training Server and you want ATC Services? Here is the right place to request it. Here, you can find people that might be willing to open Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure for you.

To request ATC Services, you have to use the following format:

  • Airport
  • Time that you will arrive/depart in/from that area
  • Aircraft (for tracking purposes)
  • Callsign (for tracking purposes)
  • Specific ATC frequencies that you would like to be opened (Either Ground/Tower - Approach/Departure [Note: Tower/Approach or Tower/Departure can not be opened simultaneously])

Note 2: Remember to reply to someone’s request if you are interested in providing ATC for them + Requests for the Expert Server are forbidden. Expert Server ATC’s will open airports on Expert Server based on the ATC Schedule that can be found either globally pinned at the top of the forum every day, or pinned in the #ATC category

Hope that this will bring pilots and ATC together. Furthermore, aspiring IFATC members will have the chance for a small training session that will help them sharpen their skills and bring them one step closer to join the IFATC team.

KSFO Training server
ATC at TXKF Training Server 1

-United A320
Thanks to anyone who can help!


Hello, do i get some controllers when I land in Oslo (ENGM) after the ESSA flyout? I don’t need two, but I’d like one Approach and one for Tower and Ground (Flighttime 40-45 minutes)
Just check the flyout thread to find out times

Thank you! 😊