GLOBAL ATC needed for NOW

Hi, I been trying to find an ATC for KSEA for NOW! Trainer server, landing in about 10 mins!
PLEASEEEE and thank you!

Please do not request for ATC. This is mosttimes not helpfull and the community gets full of it


There is a own arc request thread on the forum, head over there if you haven’t landed yet

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You know that you can land without ATC, don’t you? Ever heard of Unicom? It’s not possible to always have an active ATC airspace when flying.


I have and no one is answering!!! I NEED SOMEONE NOW! NOT LATER!

YAH FOR FAKERS… I am a realistic flyer! I only fly when there is ATC, I prefer realism than fake… I also am live streaming!!! hence I do need somone!

Wow. Calm down man. Just land without ATC. You cannot expect for someone to start runing just because you demand it.

Just ask nicely. But I highly doubt that this attitude will help you here.


I will NOT land my plane until someone is in ATC! I have promised the people that are watching and have paid for my flight videos that they will get a real VA flight experience… which includes ATC!

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Unfortunately, no-one’s obliged to open any ATC frequencies for you. You’ll simply have to hope someone pops on in the next few minutes :)