Global | ATC Communications Tips for Newbies

Good day, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the global update and flying the skies of Infinite Flight with ATC service. While global is an unprecedented milestone in the history of Infinite Flight, I’m sure we’re all aware there are still kinks to be worked out.

As new Grade 3s pour into the Expert server and our controllers learn how to deal with the new spread of traffic along with what they have to work with in v1 of global, I thought it would be prudent to give all our new community members a few tips when it comes to ATC etiquette in this iteration of Infinite Flight.


  • All controllers are different. Ensure you’re paying attention to the type of commands they are giving you.

    º Example- I give a taxi command on the pushback for a runway. Pilot confuses it with an " expect" and requests taxi again. Command has to be resent. 
  • Be careful not to confuse runways. 32/23, 13/31, for instance. It’s happened, and eats at precious time towards getting you in the air.

  • Be courteous towards other planes on the ground, especially when it comes to lighting. Check out Mark Denton’s tutorial on proper strobe/landing light etiquette while crossing runways as per ATC instruction. Plus, I’d like my pilots to avoid going blind when throttling at 140 knots.

  • You don’t need to request “touch and go” every time you touch down. We’re aware of you doing patterns. Just keep going until you decide to stop.

    º Pro tip- if there's a fair bit of traffic, we REALLY appreciate you calling in with full stop. Not required, but it helps us with knowing if we can squeeze out one extra plane or fit something between you and another.
  • If you’ve been vectored for the ILS approach and tune into tower, call inbound on the ILS, not for landing. This is a common mistake, which is understandable. Tyler’s ILS tutorial here explains the reasoning behind an ILS approach, giving some clarfication on why such a call to tower would be necessary.


  • Watch your mic headset on the communications screen. You’re not always going to catch your given command at the top of your device, especially during a busy period.

  • Make sure you’re constantly checking to see that we’re on the frequency. Our apps are known to crash on occasion, so this is a possible explanation for why you may not have been given a turn or descent command on time.

  • Please don’t request things over and over. Our approach controllers have a plan to get you to the airport, so give them some trust (provided they’re still online and kicking).

  • Be on the ball when you get instructions. For some of us, there’s a slight delay between clicking on a button or vector and it actually being sent to you.

  • We cannot see your detailed flight plans- just the final waypoint. If you’re frustrated and/or confused as to why we’re not giving you radar vectors to your destination as you wish, that’s the reason.

    º  I usually give direct vectors after takeoff to your airport provided no traffic is in the way. 
  • Time your descents appropriately. Yes, this is global- we have all the space in the world, but some people are still crawling down too slow. Check here for a detailed explanation on how to calculate descent based on what altitude the controller has given you.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind while the developers fine-tune fixes to issues on the backend, as well as general advice to consider for the future. This information was compiled through the number of sessions I’ve had this week, along with considerable feedback from our capable radar and local controllers.

We want to ensure the best possible service for you. The team thanks you for your patronage and effort to make the coordination between ATC and pilots seamless!


Very detailed post, Thanks! 👏

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Anytime! Hopefully this reaches plenty of people. Lots of newbies out at the field these days. :)


This will help so much thanks Josh!

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Congrats, you’ve now told everyone what TO DO in order to get Controller Smithley fired up 🔥 a little. Haha. Nice post , u da man bro.


Heh. Being fired up is the least of my worries with this traffic right now. But yes, I did have a few choice words to say this week.


Wonderful post Josh :)

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