Global Airways is now hiring and are looking for pilots like you.

We currently have a few destinations and planes and we would love to have you as a pilot or staff member.
Now leaving the gates!
Also any help we can get starting up is good.

Join us at

Keep this in mind:

  1. You spelt Global wrong.
  2. You don’t have a website.
  3. You don’t have an application form.
  4. Global Air is already on our database so you have made a duplicate airline.

Keep in mind starting a Virtual Airline takes time and dedication. If you want help Private Message me or one of the other members of the community we are all willing to help.


What if it’s not global

Congratulations hope your airline is good

Then I will retract my point.

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Isn’t this like the third World/Global VA?

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First thing you need to understand is that Global air does have a website, they approached Sketch Flight Designing for help. We have provided them with a professional website, logo & liveries.

Maybe do some investigating before you comment. The website connected to the database seems not to be working. Its nice of you to offer your services though.

As far as Im concerned Brennan Todd is more prepared than most VA’s around here.

In future Todd make sure to provide a link

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If he has come to Sketcgh Dlight for “help” you should have given it. Making a one sentence announcement isn’t showing a Proffessional VA. I was only providing support. If you are doing it then surely it’s up to you to make sure that they aren’t making waste of time posts

We have no dealings with his release date or community activity.

We have given major support to this player with his website. Let me tell you this, if the designer saw this post he would be insulted that your implying that the job wasn’t down correctly. If you want to continue this conversation do it via Private Message.

Website looks very good, simple but professional, and I am sure that @Skylines has pointed the OP in the direction of the thread on how to develop a start up VA. Seems best to start small and build up!

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Go to the website to get the application form

Apply here

Fill out my online form.

The easy to use Wufoo form builder helps you make forms easy, fast, and fun.
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The form looks very professional


Thank you very much.

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