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Global Airtours

The Cruise Line of the Skies
Established October 14th, 2019
IFVARB Approved December 8th, 2019

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Welcome to Global Airtours! With an updated thread and new structure, we are back and better than ever. Our team is so excited to show you the changes that we have made, as well as how we’ve improved to make the GAT experience better than it has ever been. We strive to provide the community with the most unique and best VA experience there is to offer. On behalf of myself and the rest of the team, we hope you see what we have to offer and consider joining our Global Airtours family. Thank you, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got!


Global Airtours was founded on October 14th, 2019, by our current CEO @Thunderbolt, and we began the IFVARB approval process as one of the most unique virtual airlines. On December 8th, 2019, we became IFVARB certified, marking the start of our journey. In March 2020, we closed for a rebrand that would change the way we operated, scrapping the old black and green for a more modern blue and purple. In June 2020, we closed once again after hard times struck our organization. After much consideration and many changes, we reopened, sporting a more simplistic logo and a different approach. Today, we are proud to call GAT a home for all, and a place where everything is welcome, because together, we are the GAT family.

Our Staff Team

Although it may be small, our staff team is a dedicated group of people that strive to make the VA the best it can be, as well as to make our VA’s environment as best as it can be. We encourage you to contact any of these people if you have a question, comment, or concern. We are all here to help!

Chief Executive Officer: @Thunderbolt
Chief Operations Officer: @snoman
Operations Manager: @Mr-plane-guy1
Head of Public Relations: @MatthewSwift
Head of Internal Affairs: @FlyerCharm

Who should I contact for my inquiry?

If you have a general question, comment, or concern - any staff member

Event partnerships/collaborations - @MatthewSwift

A GAT pilot was misbehaving on a live server - @FlyerCharm

Issue with thread, website, or other media platform - @Thunderbolt

Issue with application or application form - @snoman

I have an issue with the VA - @Thunderbolt or the IFVARB

With our latest rebrand and restructure, we have made a multitude of changes, to how our VA is run, how our VA is managed, and the general environment and foundation of Global Airtours. These changes are outlined below.

  • Our three program system is no more - our training program never got off the ground, as a result of failed partnerships, time constraints, and negative feedback. Now, we are once again one program, modeled off the old Gaslamp Program. All pilots will be allowed to fly any of the aircraft in our fleet, and no training or tests will be administered. After all, our mission is to provide a free and flexible environment for all of our pilots.

  • Requirements will be changed - the set requirement for any pilot who wishes to join GAT is grade 2. This also applies for activity requirements. We will no longer be requiring pilots to fly once a month. Also, the start where you left off rule will be abolished. Now, pilots have the ability to fly wherever they want, whenever they want, however they want. These decisions were made after our staff team discussed the effects of the pandemic and quarantine, as well as feedback from our current pilots. However, Slack activity checks will still be conducted monthly as to make sure our pilots have not lost interest in the VA.

  • We are now an event-based group. With the removal of flying requirements, we have decided that more engagement is needed. Therefore, we will be increasing the number of events per week from 1-2 to 3-4, introducing new events (and bringing back old ones, too) and increasing engagement with our pilots.

  • New website - as you may know, our email address, as well as all the accounts linked to the email, were hacked. We no longer have access to crucial accounts, including our website management. Therefore, we will be creating a new website. While it is still under construction, we hope to have it completed in the coming weeks.

  • Staff team overhaul - our staff team strives to provide the best quality of service to all pilots and to maintain and grow the VA to the highest potential it can possibly be at. However, with some unfortunate events in the past couple of weeks, we have made the hard decision to release our long standing COO and co-founder, Merka. In addition, we have made several changes to the roles and duties of our staff positions, with the goal to become more efficient and to grow faster than we’ve ever grown before.


At Global Airtours, we operate all of the aircraft you could desire. From small GA aircraft, to the mammoth 747-8, we have it all. Most of our aircraft operate in private, IF, or generic liveries. After all, we are a corporate airline. Our full lineup is listed below.

Passenger Fleet:

  • Airbus A318 ACJ (A318)
  • Airbus A350-900 (A359)
  • Boeing 737-700 BBJ (B737)
  • Boeing 737-900 BBJ (B739)
  • Boeing 747-8 BBJ (B748)
  • Boeing 777-200ER (B772)
  • Bombardier Candair Regional Jet 200 (CRJ2)
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (Q400)
  • Cessna 172 (C172)
  • Cessna 208 Caravan (C208)
  • Cessna Citation X (C750)
  • Cirrus SR-22 (SR22)
  • Daher TBM-930 (TBM9)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (MD11)

Cargo Fleet:

  • Boeing 777-200F (777F)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (MD11F)
  • Boeing 747-8F (747F)
  • Cessna 208F (208F)

Routes and Hubs

Here at GAT, we have no routes, nor airports that you must originate or end your flight from. Wherever you want to fly, you can fly! If you want to fly from Tel Aviv to Perth on Monday, then from Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, you can! We do have a system of hubs - however, flying to/from them is completely your choice!


With the addition of more events and removal of flight requirements, our ranks have stayed the same. Pilots are encouraged to strive to achieve these ranks and do the best we can. Our awards have been slightly modified, as well. These are still a work in progress and will be revealed at the end of the month for our monthly awards presentation.

Our ranks are as follows:

Pilot Ranks:

Junior Pilot: 0-10 Hours
Second Officer: 11-25 Hours
First Officer: 26-50 Hours
Training Captain: 51-100 Hours
Captain: 101-200 Hours
Senior Captain: 201+ Hours


We use the program Slack for all of our communications. Upon joining, you will be required to join our Slack and maintain activity. Here, all announcements, internal events, and off-topic chat will be present.


All of our PIREPs, pilot logs, and hours are kept track of using the program Airtable. Our Airtable manager, @snoman, updates PIREPs regularly and keeps track of all of our pilots’ progress. Using an easy-to-use form, pilots can file their PIREPs within minutes after touchdown and explore the world.

As mentioned beforehand, we will be incorporating more events into GAT and improving our pilot interactions. With an increase of the events, we have decided to bring back old events and start new ones. We have decided to create events that cater to those of all likings and interests, including GA, long hauls, landing competitions, pattern events, and much, much more. Some of our regular highlights will be outlined below.

Saturday Night Patterns (Back By Popular Demand!) - Once a favorite in the winter season of 2019/2020, Saturday Night Patterns will be returning to our rotation of events. Featuring a different airport every time around, we’ll spend 30 minutes flying patterns, enjoying the scenery, and having fun.

Friday Night Long Haul (New!) - With the increase of long haul flights logged at GAT, we’ll be hosting long haul events in our rotation for those who crave the long haul and the double digit hours.

The Amazing Race (New, Limited Time Only!) - Based off the reality TV show The Amazing Race, our cluemaster, @snoman, has created a worldwide adventure for GAT pilots. Exploring places around the world weekly, it’s a fun series that’ll surely get your head spinning!

GA Hopping (Returning, with slight modifications) - An overlooked part of our fleet is our GA division, including the Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR-22, and Daher TBM-930. With so many parts of the world to explore and great scenery along the way, we’ll explore the unknown parts the world in this new event series.

All of this, along with several group flights mixed in, will create the new event structure that GAT will be striving to achieve. With three to four events per week, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

While we would love everyone to join our family, we do have certain requirements for the pilots that join us. These requirements are present to ensure that the environment remains professional, respectful, and mature. If you meet the following requirements to join, please do not hesitate to apply!

Requirements To Join GAT

  • A valid IFC account - ownership must be confirmed upon application
  • A valid copy of Infinite Flight Pro (note: if you plan to purchase a copy within 30 days of joining, you will pass this requirement)
  • Grade 2 status or higher (note: same exception for above will be permitted)
  • Access to the Slack app or - used for VA communications
  • A discipline-free history within the IFC and IFVARB - this includes the IFVARB watchlist and blacklist

Activity Requirements and VA Rules

  • Participation in events and/or flying and filing PIREPs regularly (Note: there is no set requirement. However, we expect our pilots that join to fly at least once during their time at GAT)
  • Fulfillment of Slack activity checks, conducted once every month (Note: LOAs will be granted if conflicts and/or emergencies arise - valid reason must be given to head of internal affairs, @BadPlane)
  • Must maintain professionalism and maturity within our Slack and on the live servers - failure to do so may lead to consequence or removal from GAT

How To Join

  1. Please confirm that you meet all the requirements before applying.
  2. Make your way over to the application form (on Typeform)
  3. Fill out the form truthfully, following all the instructions on the form
  4. Submit the form (it will not process unless you click “submit” at the end)
  5. A staff member (usually @snoman) will be in touch within 24-48 hours
  6. You will receive the invite to our Slack
  7. Please message @snoman or @Thunderbolt your desired GAT callsign
  8. Read the welcome letter and handbook
  9. Start flying, have fun!

Note: Global Airtours reserves the right to deny any applicant at any time without explanation. All applicants will be checked on the IFVARB watchlist and blacklist, along with any disciplinary history or bad conduct on the IFC.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our family today!


Nice Thread! Looks like an interesting VA!


I’m super happy that we’re back and better than ever!


Amazing work Matt, proud for you to be back stronger!


Awesome to see you are back Matt, felt really sorry that you guys had to close for a while! At least you are stronger then ever! Your VO is fantastic and looking forward to watching it grow even more! Good luck!

Happy Flying :)


Just Applied to this wonderful VO


So basically GAT is like a private flying club? Like you fly charter routes?


Yup, we’re a corporate airline.


I’m definitely applying! I really like flying corporate flights in IF.


So happy to be apart of Global Airtours!!


Awesome thread Matt! I’m so proud of how big we have grown in the past months! Glad to be part of GAT! Amazing work Matt!


We are two days into the reopening, and we can’t thank you all enough for your support! I am so glad that GAT is back on the map, and on behalf of myself, as well as all of the staff here at Global Airtours, we hope that you can join us for our upcoming events!

Saturday, June 11th: Saturday Night Patterns in Australia

Join us for the first edition of Saturday Night Patterns! At 2020-07-12T03:00:00Z, we will take to the skies above Alice Springs, Australia for 30 minutes of patterns, landings, and fun!

Sunday, June 12th: GAT Explores Russia

On Sunday, we explore Russia in our flagship heavy aircraft, the 777-200 and A350, as we depart Moscow for the town of Sochi, host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. With beautiful views along the way, this is one group flight you shouldn’t miss!

The Amazing Race: Clue 2

We have finished the first leg of the GAT Amazing Race! The first clue was: Travel to the capital city of the country with the world’s most mysterious lines. The answer to the clue was the Nazca Lines, which is located in Lima, Peru (SPJC)!

Clue #2 is a two-part clue, which means you’ll have to fly this one with the aircraft described in the clue! The clue is…Pull some chairs up to this mountain. You must also fly here with the latest version of Boeing’s most iconic aircraft.

Upcoming Event Partnerships:

The Long Island Fly-Out, hosted by @RTG113!
August 1st, 1600Z

Full Event Calendar!

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Quick technical note, the Nazca Lines are located south of Lima, but the clue stated to fly to the capital of the country (Peru of course).


Looks great, I’m going to apply :)

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We have received your application, @snoman will send you a message shortly (if he ever finishes eating his nachos, that is).

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Great thread !! Best of Luck for the new start :)

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Did You Know?

What real-world airline is Global Airtours based off of?

Drop your guesses below!


PAN-AM. Random guess

Thunderbolt, didn’t you say British Airtours the other time?

I don’t know, did I?