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Global Airtours Virtual Airline

The Cruise Line of the Skies
Established 2019

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Welcome to Infinite Flight’s most unique virtual airline, Global Airtours! We are dedicated to making the best pilot experience there is to offer. We want to make what flying is meant to be, which is fun and enjoyable! From our wide variety of routes and fleet, to our experienced and talented staff members, Global Airtours is the right virtual airline for you!

As the Chief Executive Officer of such an amazing virtual airline, I cannot be any happier for what we have done in such a short period of time. I cannot be any more grateful for my wonderful staff, including my most valuable partner, @Captain_Merka, and of course, the extraordinary group of pilots that fly for us. I would love for you to join us and see what our family is all about!

Chief Executive Officer, Global Airtours Virtual Airline

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing a virtual airline, and we will not stop you from joining the VA of your choice. However, we think that Global Airtours can offer the most potential, the most flexibility, and the best pilot experience that there is. We strive to bring you the best day in and day out, and we work as a family. Global Airtours was created in the mindset not of becoming the best VA, but becoming a VA that someone could join and become a member of a family. That is what Global Airtours is about.

Not convinced? Click here for a short promotional video!

Founded in October 2019, Global Airtours was founded with the purpose to be Infinite Flight's most unique and fun virtual airline. We were entered into the review process on October 15th, 2019, and after a great review process, Global Airtours became a reality on December 8th, 2019. On February 18th, 2020, we closed for renovations, and Global Airtours 2.0, fresh with new branding and a brand new structure, opened on March 6th, 2020.

Global Airtours Virtual Airline consists of seven talented and experienced staff members, with different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and interests to bring you the best possible experience. Our staff team is happy to help and assist whenever needed, and we will also talk and chat whenever you want!

Chief Executive Officer - @Thunderbolt
Chief Operations Officer - @Captain_Merka
Head of Passenger Division - @Mr-plane-guy1
Head of Cargo Division - @BadPlane
Head of Public Relations - @snoman
Head of Internal Affairs - @anon38496261
Chief Pilot - @FlyerCharm

Board of Directors: @Thunderbolt, @Captain_Merka, @Mr-plane-guy1, @BadPlane, @snoman, @anon38496261, and @FlyerCharm

Here at Global Airtours we have a very versatile fleet so that we can transport all of our passengers efficiently and luxuriously. Ranging from the TBM930 to the 747, we fly it all. We also chose to make our entire fleet available to all pilot ranks to allow our pilots to fly what they prefer and feel the most comfortable flying, rather than having pilots work to fly their aircraft of choice.

Our Fleet Includes:

  • Airbus A318 ACJ (A318)
  • Airbus A350-900 (A359)
  • Boeing 737-700 BBJ (B737)
  • Boeing 737-900 BBJ (B739)
  • Boeing 747-8 BBJ (B748)
  • Boeing 777-200ER (B772)
  • Bombardier Candair Regional Jet 200 (CRJ2)
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (Q400)
  • Cessna 172 (C172)
  • Cessna 208 Caravan (C208)
  • Cessna Citation X (CCX)
  • Cirrus SR-22 (SR22)
  • Daher TBM-930 (TBM9)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (MD11)

Cargo Fleet:

  • Boeing 777-200F (777F)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (MD11F)
  • Boeing 747-8F (747F)
  • Cessna 208F (208F)

Global Airtours likes to acknowledge our pilots’ achievements and successes. Our ranks are easy to earn and come with many benefits. We also have many awards to celebrate our pilots’ dedication and commitment to flying for Global Airtours. These awards will mainly be given out on the last day of every month, and they also come with many internal benefits.

Pilot Ranks:

Junior Pilot: 0-10 Hours
Second Officer: 11-25 Hours
First Officer: 26-50 Hours
Captain 51-100 Hours
Senior Captain 101-200 Hours
Pilot Supervisor/Trainer: 201+ Hours

March Pilot of the Month: @KGJT-9149

Here at Global Airtours, we have no routes to fly. Pilots can fly wherever they want, whenever they want. This gives pilots the individuality that we value and the freedom to explore the world without anything stopping them. However, to maintain realism, we request that pilots start their next flight from the airport they last landed at. Pilots will be allowed two deadheads, or transfers, to requested airports if needed.

Global Airtours Virtual Airline has introduced SkyCruises, an innovative and unique feature of our virtual airline. A cruise has several legs, with stops in between, and so do we! We offer two types of SkyCruises, both solo and group. However, both of these share one thing in common: lots of multipliers. Group SkyCruises will normally be conducted and planned internally, but on occasion, we will make Group SkyCruises open for the Infinite Flight Community to fly and have fun with us. Solo SkyCruises can be done whenever a pilot wants to, and special benefits can be earned by doing so.

Every Friday night at 2020-03-07T04:00:00Z, Global Airtours holds a disco party, known as GAT Disco, in our very own Discord! All pilots are welcome to tune in and listen to the music, which will change themes every week!

We welcome pilots of every kind into Global Airtours. However, we do have requirements for our pilots to prevent unprofessionalism or immature pilots. These requirements are very simple and easy to follow.

  • At least 13 years of age
  • A valid Infinite Flight Pro account
  • An account on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Discipline-free past on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Grade 2 or higher
  • The ability to log one flight per month
  • A working, active Discord account

If you meet all of these requirements, go ahead and apply!

To become a Global Airtours pilot, you must do the following:

  1. Click the link to the Application
  2. Fill out the application truthfully
  3. If you meet the requirements, a member from our staff will contact you via PM
  4. You will be given the link to join our Discord server
  5. Start flying!

So what are you waiting for? The possibilities are endless!

Join The Global Airtours Family Today!


Interesting new revamp. Looks cool.


One Last Announcement!

For the rest of the week, all pilots enjoy a 1.5x multiplier to celebrate our relaunch!
Also, all new pilots will receive 5 free flight hours!


YAY!!! Great to be part of this! Now I’m going to go to our Discord and finish listening to the Friday Disco Music!

Can’t wait to try out the new Saturday events!


This sums it all up:



Love it!!!




I’ll hop on the trend, I guess.

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Absolutely thrilled to be a GAT pilot, despite my recent inactivity due to the amount of exams I have been facing over the past few months.


We’re glad to have you with us!! Also, as long as you can log at least one flight per month you’re fine!


Great thread happy to be pilot of the month!


Oh yeah so excited!!


My best wishes to everyone in this VA, good luck


Global Airtours Virtual Airline has suspended all flights to China, including Hong Kong, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have also suspended all flights to Italy, along with all flights from the United States to Europe (excluding the U.K.). Domestic U.S. flights along with flights within Europe will still be permitted.

Thank you all for your understanding,
The Global Airtours Board of Directors


Global Airtours has released a statement regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

You can see it here.


Stay safe everyone!


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A bit late, but a huge shoutout to @FlyerCharm for being our first pilot to reach 200 hours!

Our hours leader by far!


Congrats @FlyerCharm!! You are our honored Chief Pilot!

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Thanks guys.


Effective immediately, the airport list is no more. Pilots can fly wherever they want, whenever they want.

Join Global Airtours today!


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We have moved all communications to Slack. However, Discord will remain open as a pilot lounge, which will not required to join as a pilot.

Also, all passenger flights have a 1.5x multiplier this week, and cargo flights have a 2x multiplier!

Join today!


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