Global Airtours and Southwest Virtual Present: Texas Time! @ KDAL - 091900ZMAY20

Global Airtours and Southwest Virtual Present: The Big D Flyout!

Global Airtours and Southwest Virtual are excited to be partnering with each other for a Dallas Love Field event! With a large Southwest presence as well as numerous FBOs and private jet locations, this airport brings both of our VAs together at one airport. Together, we will be flying out of Dallas on May 9th!


Global Airtours Pilots: 2x for flights under three hours, 3x for flights over three hours, and 4x for flights over six hours.

Southwest Virtual Pilots: 1.5x multiplier for all pilots.

Location: Dallas Love Field (KDAL)
Server: Expert Server
Date and Time: 2020-05-09T19:00:00Z

  • Please spawn 10-15 minutes before the start of the event.
  • In the event that ATC is present, please follow all instructions.
  • Global Airtours and Southwest Virtual will not be responsible for any violations or ghosts acquired during the event.
  • If ATC is not present, use unicom accordingly
  • Act responsibility and use proper pilot ettiquette, on the ground and in the air.

Terminal/Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot SWVA?
1 Southwest 737-700 KHOU Houston Hobby
2 Southwest 737-700 KBNA Nashville
3 Southwest 737-700 KPIT Pittsburgh
4 Southwest 737-700 KLAS Las Vegas
5 Southwest 737-700 KBWI Baltimore
6 Southwest 737-800 KDCA Washington Reagan
7 Southwest 737-700 KLIT Little Rock @texasaviation Yes
8 Southwest 737-800 KMDW Chicago Midway
9 Southwest 737-700 KTPA Tampa
10 Southwest 737-700 KMSY New Orleans
11 Southwest 737-700 KDEN Denver
12 Southwest 737-800 KSAT San Antonio @WheelerAviation Yes
13 Southwest 737-800 KMCO Orlando @harmondrew465 Yes
14 Southwest 737-700 KCHS Charleston
15 Southwest 737-700 KSDF Louisville
15A Southwest 737-700 KSTL St. Louis @reer104 Yes
16 Southwest 737-700 KAUS Austin
17 Southwest 737-800 KSEA Seattle
18 Southwest 737-700 KSAN San Diego
19 Southwest 737-800 KSJC San Jose @BigBert10 Yes
20 Southwest 737-800 KCLT Charlotte
Stand 21 Southwest 737-800 KBOS Boston @tuscantexan Yes
Stand 22 Southwest 737-700 KOAK Oakland
Stand 23 Southwest 737-700 KPHL Philadelphia
Stand 24 Southwest 737-800 KSLC Salt Lake City
Stand 25 Southwest 737-700 KPHX Phoenix
Stand 26 Southwest 737-700 KLAX Los Angeles @805_geo Yes
Stand 27 Southwest 737-700 KIND Indianapolis @CamJam No
Stand 28 Southwest 737-700 KLGA New York LaGuardia @Airforce1095 Yes
Stand 29 Southwest 737-700 KMCI Kansas City
Stand 30 Delta 717-200 KATL Atlanta
Southwest Hangars (Excess)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot SWVA?
Southwest Maint 01 Southwest 737-700 KATL Atlanta
Southwest Maint 02 Southwest 737-700 KSNA Orange County
Southwest Maint 03 Southwest 737-700 KOMA Omaha
Southwest Maint Hangar 01 Southwest 737-800 KHRL Harlingen
Southwest Maint Hangar 02 Southwest 737-700 KELP El Paso
Southwest Maint Hangar 03 Southwest 737-800 KPDX Portland
Southwest Maint Hangar 04 Southwest 737-800 KCMH Columbus @cptlogue No
Southwest Maint Hangar 05 Southwest 737-700 KMKE Milwaukee
Southwest Maint Hangar 06 Southwest 737-700 KBUR Burbank
Southwest Maint Hangar 07 Southwest 737-700 KABQ Albuquerque
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot GAT?
Business Jet Center 01 737-900BBJ KSAN San Diego @Thunderbolt Yes
Business Jet Center 02 737-900BBJ KSFO San Francisco @Mr-plane-guy1 Yes
Business Jet Center 04 A318ACJ PANC Anchorage @BadPlane Yes
Business Jet Center 05 737-700 BBJ TBD @snoman Yes
Business Jet Center Hangar 737-700 BBJ KSAN San Diego @United2 Yes
Sevenbar Flying Service 01
Sevenbar Flying Service 02
Sevenbar Flying Service 03
Sevenbar Flying Service 04
Jet Aviation 01
Jet Aviation 02
Jet Aviation 03
Jet Aviation 04
Jet Aviation 05
Signature Flight Support Hangar 01
Signature Flight Support Hangar 02
Signature Flight Support Hangar 03
Signature Flight Support Hangar 04
Business Jet @ DAL Hangar 01
Business Jet @ DAL Hangar 02
Business Jet @ DAL Hangar 03
Business Jet @ DAL Hangar 04
Landmark Aviation Hangar 01
Landmark Aviation Hangar 02
Landmark Aviation Hangar 03
Landmark Aviation Hangar 04

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Event Team: @Thunderbolt, @Mr-plane-guy1, @BigBert10, @harmondrew465


Can I have a 737-900 BBJ (GAT) to KSFO please thanks!

I’ll be flying to my event!

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Can I get this one please?

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Can I actually take this one instead? I didn’t see it

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Of course guys!

You two are both signed up!

- Mrplaneguy1

Please! thanks.


Of course @reer104! You’re now signed up!

- mrplaneguy1

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Could I get Stand 21 to KBOS? @tuscantexan SWVA1771

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Yes you can, thank you for signing up!

May I take this one?

Edit: Idk if this matters but I am SWVA1095.

Thanks for signing up!

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Can I take this gate?


Of course! It’s now all yours!


thanks, hope to see lots of SWVA pilots here!


Could I take an FBO with the 737-700BBJ? Thanks! Would you mind putting my destination as TBD for now?

737-700 BBJ to KSAN

Callsign GAT224

Can I have Gate 12
Dest: KSAT (San Antonio)

Can i switch aircraft to a A318ACJ?

I’ll take Gate 7 to Little Rock. SWVA41

Can I switch to a 737BBJ to PANC?

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