Global Airport Screenshot Session; Session 1 @ KABQ - 15####ZOCT17 [CLOSED]

Server: Expert (Global)

Airport: KABQ

Time: To be determined by poll at bottom of post

I’ve decided to start a Global Airport Screenshot Session series, where I gather several players, ask them to stay spawned for ten minutes while I take awesome busy airport screenshots before sending them off on their way.
This very first session pic will take place at Albuquerque Sunport. I will need just six volunteers for picture taking.
To prevent not being able to do this event because people aren’t available, There will be a poll at the bottom where you can vote your availability times. I will pick a random poll option that has at least six voters, and I’ll have an exact event time set about 24 hours from now.
After the event time is set, I will provide you with your assigned aircraft and gate if you’re participating. I will figure this out by tagging everyone that voted that option and you’ll say whether you’d like to show up or not. Remember, all you have to do is stay spawned at an airport for ten minutes, I’m not asking for two hours +. Please vote below if you can do this Sunday…

  • Between 1400Z-1430Z
  • Between 1430-1530Z
  • Between 1530Z-1630Z
  • Between 1630Z-1700Z
  • Between 1700Z-1730Z
  • Between 1730Z-1830Z
  • Between 1830Z-1930Z
  • Between 1930Z-2030Z
  • Between 2030Z-2130Z
  • Between 2130Z-2200Z
  • Between 2200Z-2300Z

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There weren’t enough volunteers this week, so the event is cancelled.

Darn!!! I was looking foward to this!

I will send you a PM when I create the next one so you can sign up if you want/can

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