Global Airport Editing

You may have guessed.that I am a data geek. My job spills over into my hobbies. I am keeping track of what has been done so far by your very own Airport Editing Team. Here is the list which I keep updated as I catalog the Schematic files. Welcome to planet Earth


Question is… Are more coming?

This is a dynamic list which will be updated as we get them done. :)

Could you do CYYZ, CYTZ and SAWH

They will all be done in time. If you are interested join the editing team and help out.

What does it require for me to join

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Email and I’ll help you get set up. ;)


You are hard at work I see. And what does “KA”,“KO”, “KB” ext. mean?

Ok thanks I’ll consider it

There is an international standard ICAO


I’m currently doing 1B6 should be done when I can fix a WED glitch.

I found KDFW was finished! Looks good! Wish I had a good enough computer to help you guys. :)


Can’t wait to see KSDF pop up on that!

IMHO, I don’t know when Kansai will be complete 😅 (Estimated Late May – Mid June)

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How long does it take for one of these to get done roughly?

Depends on size of airport

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Can’t wait for KGNB, KLAS, KPHX, MMPR, or MYNN to be complete!

Do one in Antarctica so I can land there.


Wow Kilt, you and the airport editing team are amazing! Could you however, please add EDDH (Hamburg Int’l airport) as one of the airports for Germany? I saw that it was missing from the list. If you could do that, it would be fantastic :)

I also saw that some other major airports are missing like Frankfurt, and Munich.


Is there also a a list with airport we must do?